In the past crazy year due to che Covid-19, I had the time and the purpose to think deeply about my values. They are the engine of our life. 
Usually, after several realtionships ended hursh, we start to ask ourselves if it is worth giving so much without receiving anything in return to be valued. Those who love you will love your strengths and weaknesses.

A similar thought has to be built realted to our work.

Why you need to know what your work values are?
Because they are the subset of your beliefs and ideas that are related to your job. They are an important part of who you are. They include things like honesty, service, self-respect, respect for others, peace, success, integrity, accountability, diligence, perseverance, and discipline. 
My most important one is: felt seen or appreciated.

They are 8 hours a day (at least) for 300 working days, or 2400 hours / 100 days per year spent behind a desk, in close contact with bosses, colleagues, collaborators and customers. A substantial slice of our existence, including sleep, which makes serenity in the workplace a necessary condition for maintaining one's physical and mental well-being. For this reason, when the harmony fails, the earth begins to tremble and to slowly collapse all certainties.

The compliment is feeling appreciated and  by its nature positive and aims at the gratification of those who receive it, in the professional sphere it implies a recognition of the work done. A compliment or a positive feedback, can improve the day, encourage self-esteem, promote greater productivity, but it is also important for strengthening the sense of belonging to the company. Sometimes it happens that you do not feel gratified in the workplace, you think “Yet a thank you would be enough”, but is it really so difficult to congratulate for the work done by colleagues, by the boss or by your subordinates? A compliment, if sincere and contextualized, has an unimaginable power inherent in it.

Regardless of the job, it is important to feel respected in the workplace and appreciated for the work that takes place. Employees are most satisfied in their positions when they feel respected and are praised for a job well done, even if it's a simple thank you from a company manager. Supervisors are often strict when an employee makes a mistake or something is necessary, but making the same effort to congratulate or appreciate a job well done can have a positive influence on worker satisfaction. Constructive feedback and open communication in the workplace are a great way to encourage respect between employers and employees. Working in an environment where you feel disrespected, undervalued and underestimated is one of the main causes of job dissatisfaction.