Objective truth is under attack.

College students are protesting objective facts as a tool of the patriarchy. Politicians are labeling anything they disagree with as fake news. The government just banned the Center for Disease Control from using the word “evidence-based.” Huge chunks of the population don’t believe in statistics anymore.

We can no longer determine, or even agree on, what basic facts are. This war on truth, this lack of an objective reality is a threat to the very fabric of our society.

And the crisis our society faces is rooted in a crisis we each face individually. We are profoundly unaware. We live in a bubble where algorithms confirm everything we want to believe, without any regard for what’s actually real.

This deafening lack of self-awareness is at the heart of the crisis our society faces. It’s the biggest threat we face in 2018.

Why This Matters For You

If you want our society to survive this crisis, if you want to grow and thrive, you must start with putting on your rationality oxygen mask first.

You have to wake up and help yourself before you can help others.

But modern personal development is in the midst of the same crisis. It has failed to deliver on its promise. The self-help world is filled with charlatans and half truths.

You don’t even know if there’s oxygen flowing to the mask. Or which mask to wear.

As the voice behind the popular podcast The Science of Success, I’ve been surprised by the overwhelming conclusion every guest I’ve interviewed makes.

The world’s most respected neuroscientists and psychologists agree — as do the spy-recruiters, hostage negotiators and even astronauts I’ve spoken to: our society is in grave danger.

At the heart of this danger is a pervasive lack of self-knowledge. We are deluding ourselves. Specifically:

• Not seeing yourself objectively

• Rejecting criticism you don’t like

• Rejecting ideas you don’t like (worse!)

• Blaming and externally rationalizing failures

• Unawareness of your cognitive biases

• Not understanding your strengths

• Failing to perceive your weaknesses

We need these vital skills to save our society and ourselves.

There’s still true, real and valuable information out there. But we have confusion en masse and a huge signal vs noise problem.

Where can smart, rational people who crave the genuine insights and improvement necessary for themselves and our society turn?

That is where Evidence Based Growth comes in.

The Quest For Objective Truth

Between the sociopolitical battle over truth’s very nature and the natural biological biases and limits of the human mind — it’s becoming harder and harder to figure out what’s true. We’re slowly slipping into an Idiocracy.

There are people who unwittingly inundate themselves with inane unproven ideas that are toxic and insidiously sabotaging.

There’s a cynically motivated war on truth itself that victimizes those caught in the crossfire of misinformation.

Then there’s also the ambitious intellectual elite who fail to spot, understand and admit to the flaws in their own thinking, in the most destructive way possible.

Objective truth solves all this. We need more truth seekers. We need rational optimists. We need to collectively push forward and rub the dirt from our eyes.

I’m asking you to join this movement.

To join a group of truth seekers dedicated to blowing apart bias and self delusion. To become one of the people who believes that truth is NOT relative and WILL set us free.

We believe humans must quest for truth and answer these questions before it’s too late:

  • What’s true about our society?
  • What’s true about human nature?
  • What’s true about how the world works?
  • What’s true about ourselves?
  • What’s true about making the world better for all us?

Evidence Based Growth

The Evidence Based Growth movement is organized around the deep belief that objective truth can be found, that there are real answers out there, and evidence and science can improve the lives of us as individuals and WE as a civilization.

We are champions of rationality and clear thinking. We’re ruthlessly investigating our own biases and mental addictions. Our mission is to build a better world out of truth, facts and clear thinking.

We’re harnessing the wisdom of the smartest people on our planet to transform ourselves and to rise to the challenges of our time.

That’s what the Evidence Based Growth movement is all about. We’ve been waiting for you.

Join The Evidence Based Growth Movement

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Originally published at medium.com by Matt Bodnar of The Science of Success