There are different reactions we humans produce, it might be positive or negative. It might be an allergy, shock, threat or even a stress reaction. 

Such reactions can be less important and sensational for some people, while being completely overwhelming for others if it turns out to be a loss. 

These losses which might be that of a friend, status, resources, or loss of a future strategy or situations are mostly associated with intense emotions.

In other words, such a person might develop feelings that take over and are occasionally unimaginable, and the person in such situations might not be able to control them.

Whatever the cause could be that brings about fear, confusion and stress, we have to accept the reality, convert our feelings of sadness into usable energy and grasp hold of the situation.

In most cases, the human reaction follows a predictable way which is mostly caused by stress, and it manifests itself in numerous forms either emotional, physical or behavioral.

Sometimes, our body might react to stress indifferently, positively or negatively. Let’s check out some stress reactions;

  • Emotional Effects

There are times when your boss does not accept your proposal or a business deal does not follow through. Such can reduce a person’s self-esteem, whereby the person starts comparing to another and even questioning one’s self. 

It might be due to a family issue, or how to overcome a particular problem at home that might be stressing you out. Stress is not limited to an area or specified locality.

A general case is any uncertainty about a particular event or fear of the unknown. For we all want everything to go right, but it is not possible as it doesn’t work that way, so definitely someone who expects such is prone to be stressed.

A person is affected emotionally by stress and ends up releasing neurotransmitters the likes of epinephrine and norepinephrine also known as adrenaline and noradrenaline respectively.

This brings effects such as rapid breathing and increased attention. Whereby your heartbeat speeds up, increasing your breathing, even your muscles tense, and then you start sweating. This is a minor stage where the victim can recover quickly.

Besides, 70% of us agree that work is the biggest cause of stress that brings about emotional downfall like anger, guilt, nervousness, low self-esteem, anguish and even anxiety.

Nevertheless, work stress whether at the workplace or home can be resolved through communication and understanding of the job. In addition, one has to be aware of the link between having a “not good enough” mindset and stress. 

That is, having the right mindset and the understanding that everything cannot work out as we want them to can help in reducing stress.

  • Behavioural Effect

Usually, it is also known that people undergoing stress have a considerable high tendency to engage in bad behaviours, which might include the use or abuse of drugs and alcohol, also overeating or undereating, possibly non-nutritional food and junk food, unlike their counterparts. 

These unhealthy behaviour are even able to increase the harshness of the effects that stress brings. Such a person changes mood easily and gets irritated and angry even at the smallest things.

As a result, the affected person develops a horrible cycle and might gradually enter darkness – called depression, until it consumes your whole being.

Also, it is important that when you notice your stress level has increased, engaging in relaxation exercises such as deep breathing – this involves inhaling and exhaling which will take your mind off the circumstances that are stressing you out, and it will also help to keep your mind from drifting away.

Reflective meditation or yoga- this pertains to the practice of joining the mind and body, therefore using the breath as the connection.

These few routines help to withstand stress and free one’s mind.

  • Physical Effect

This is an aspect that defines the impact of stress on the body.

Imagine after planning towards a business deal- that includes being adequately prepared and getting the right people to assist in the decision-making. Then you start negotiating your deal, and after all the long toil, you end up having an unsuccessful business deal.

It is a known fact that you have been stressed during the process, so definitely the outcome would add additional stress.

Meanwhile, one would begin to experience serious fatigue, and headache, difficulty in concentration, also trouble with sleeping and possible weight loss or gain.

Sleep being an important daily routine may seem so difficult to do. In its absence, you might fix other routines- like going through the internet, playing games, partying with friends, or even going to the cinema to see a movie or stay indoors watching TV – they might seem to relieve the tension, but in the long run, they may eventually increase your stress. You discover that you ended up becoming weak or more tired and have little or no energy to function as supposed to.

These are some physical effects stress gives to a person who experiences it and ends up losing enthusiasm to do things, even that which he or she loves to do.


Despite all these effects, stress does not have a certain age or community that it affects. It shows up in many patterns and affects people of all ages and all walks of life.

Thus, handling your stress can bring about a real difference to your health.

It is unpredictable for it has varied levels in different individuals, such that someone doesn’t have to be a parent before going through stress, likewise one doesn’t have to be at a stressful workplace before experiencing stress.

Lastly, the extent of stress in our lives as humans highly depends on the way we take care of our health, the amount of responsibilities that we carry, the length at which we communicate with others, the degree of support we acquire, and even the amount of expectations people have for us.

All these are in one way or the other causes of stress in our body.