Work from home

Work from home has been disliked a lot lately by not just employers but employees as well. There was a time back then when secretly every employee wished to work from home. Maybe, from the next time, all of us should be more careful with what we wish for. As now we have it in abundance, most of us don’t seem to be happy about it. However, at the same time, we also know that this is inevitable, there is barely anything that we all can do about this in this pandemic. Till the time vaccine is not available, it is in everyone’s best interest to stay at their homes and step out only when it is really really really necessary. 

But, one thing that we can do about it is to shift our way of thinking about it. Optimism is the only way to feel happy about it. And honestly, it is not as bad, it is great. There is a trail of benefits attached to it, which we like to call as the bright side of working from home. So, let’s look at each one of them one by one below! 

For employers- 

  • Employees are more productive- This happened with the support of technology, precisely online video calling apps and HR software. Because of these two apps, teams were able to collaborate and work properly. Some of them are even taking initiatives and more tasks on their plate than before. Isn’t it? 
  • Employees are learning new skills- Because they no more need to commute daily, leave earlier than they should from their homes because there is traffic is the main reason that they are able to take time to upskill themselves through webinars, online workshops, and online courses. All of these are adding up more quality to the work they do.
  • Employees are saving more- Clearly, because they are not going anywhere out to office, to their friends’ place, watch a movie or anywhere else, they are saving a lot of money. How is this benefitting you? Well, many of the companies have done layoffs, many have cut salaries and what not? If you are in any of these categories because your collections were low, this shall minimise the guilt.  

For employees-

  • You are not as tired- Remember the days when you used to go to office daily and come back all tired with no energy to do anything, even cook or change? Hasn’t that changed now? As soon as you finish your work, you don’t have to face the traffic or struggle in booking the cab, you are at home and not tired at all. 
  • You are able to take time out for their hobbies- This pint is actually the continuation to the above point. With the help of HR software, you can now mark the attendance from home and the salary is also processed timely. Everything is favourable, you don’t just get to spend time away from the humdrum with yourself but also turn back to your hobbies. For instance, painting, sketching, dancing, cooking, acting and more. 
  • You are spending more time with family- Because you are at home with your family members, there is no drain of energy as such, you are now able to give more time to your kids. Otherwise, as a working couple, you don’t really get to see your child getting mischievous or talk to your parents.

Not to forget HR software have an important role to play in the success of work from home. The current times and changing work models are shaping the future of work so make sure you are using the best HR software. Remember that it has even more important role to play in the future. 

Lastly, we hope this blog was able to change your perspective and made you realise how amazing work from home actually is!