I send this out today with the intention that each one of us remembers to feel, experience and interact with our external world of ‘others’ with non-judgment, acceptance, compassion and peaceful co-existence.

At times like our present reality, isolation, seclusion and threats to our healthy survival, we see that nations, individuals and groups bound by common purpose are exhibiting extraordinary compassion, solidarity and courage to work together to alleviate human condition.

At the same time as we are increasingly witnessing in the web space, the shadows of fear, distrust, resentment, intolerance, blame, shame, vicious criticism and ostracism that lie dormant within are now rearing their powerful heads, both at individual and collective levels. Instead of accepting and working on inner selves, when these powerful emotions are projected or poured externally into the collective, it creates such intense webs of despair, anger, hopelessness, violence and intolerance of everything that is not our immediate personal experience or perspectives. I, as many of you, have lived long enough to know that these webs are relentless self-perpetuating cycles.

We forget to remember each moment that just as our unique DNA and fingerprints among the 8 plus billion of us and all other species, our experiences of the world around us are simply unique. NOT better, NOT worse, SIMPLY unique!

Let us have compassion that each being has their unique experience of what they are undergoing. Each social group or nation too will find its collective experience based on the consciousness we hold at individual levels.

When we disagree, not resonate and cannot relate, let’s carry within us a bigger space of tolerance and understanding to let others experience life in their way. Step away if needed for a moment or more. Do what we can to help from a detached but caring space or simply do no further harm. And when we witness our fellow humans in positions of power and influence practicing otherwise, we stand in the conviction of our personal truths and courage not to follow suit!

Here’s to healing ourselves, others and our Earth! To the Love and Compassion in our hearts, which is bigger than anything else within us!

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