Who does not love listening to music? May be there are few people, but for most of the people music is a big part of their life. The music that we listen on our way to work, or the music that we listen while we workout, the music that we hear in the films it plays a major role with our mood it can bring us up or even down. Have you ever wondered how music affects our heart, mind and brain?

If you ask me, then personally I like many types of music, but I can’t say I fell in love with a lot of music. Yes being a human I also tend to love few special songs and stick with it for longer times. The most beautiful thing in music is everyone’s taste is different.

If you are a musician no matter what music you make, you are likely to find someone who will appreciate it. Even I agree with that point that our music industry favors certain types of music and is designed to not allow indie bands to get very far, but that is a whole other discussion.

Listening to music can be entertaining, but is it possible that it might make you healthier? The notion that music can influence your thoughts, feelings, and behavior probably does not come as a surprise package for you. If you ever felt pumped up listening to your favorite rock or metal zone music or your tears roll down by a tender live performance, then you easily understand the power of music that impact mood and even inspire action.

Music can be a source of pleasure and contentment, but research has also shown that there are many psychological benefits of music in our life. The psychological effects of music can be more powerful and also wide-ranging than you might assume.

Do you know music therapy is treated as intervention utilized to promote emotional health, help patients to cope up with stress and also to boost social well-being?

The field of music and neuroscience is expanding and is indicating many beneficial factors the ways music can engage and change the brain. Do you know engaging, consistent musical program can target and enhance the certain brain function?

Music is just like a magic wand!

Magic Wand

Okay, now let’s explore certain points where music has benefited us a lot –

1. Music Improves Cognitive Performance

Yes, that’s right music that is played while the listener is busy doing other task can increase the cognitive performance especially in older adults. In one study it has been found that the upbeat and downbeat music led to benefits in memory.

So, my suggestion is the next time you are working on a task, just turn on a little music in the background which will generally boost up your mental performance.

Remember – Don’t choose such music which will generally distract you, play some instrumental track.

2. Music helps you manage pain

Do you know one study of fibromyalgia patients shows that those who listened to music for just an hour of the day experienced a reduction of pain compared to those who don’t listen? The patients also show a reduction in the chronic pain as well as depression they are going through. So after the experimental result it has been proved that music can be a therapy to reduce the chronic pain of the people that are suffering.

3. Music helps you to sleep better

Are you in a situation of sleep deprived? Don’t worry insomnia is a problem that affects almost all types of age group. While there are many ways to treat this sleep disorder problem, but one common remedy is listening to soft and relaxing music.

In this modern world, people are stuffing themselves with lots of stress, which somewhere leads to sleepless night. And yes, I am one of them, but if I turn on my music player and listen to some relaxing track it just make my mind relax and stress free. The safe as well as effective method.

4. Music Improves your memory

I am sure you may be confused about this point how it can be? As when we were young our parents used to tell us music will distract you if you listened during your study time. But that’s not totally true, as lots of students enjoy listening to music while they study.

For some students music work as a memory builder and for some it’s a pleasant distraction. So, the effect of music on your memory, it can depend upon the individuals. If you tend to find yourself distracted by music go for silent environment or with neutral tracks playing in the background. In this modern world, there are many music apps where you can download or listen music of your choice. Popnable.com of the USA where you get all types of song, artist and even video too. You search for your favorite song or artist and they have it.

There are many stories related to music therapy of people and challenges they face in life. How music came into their life and changes everything and diminished all the fear had before. Think about the last time you listened to an upbeat and happy song that left you feel boost up, alive and excited.

Okay, so we now know that listening to music is a helpful way to cope up with all the feeling and process emotion. It can remind connection what people feel in that moment in their lives.

Music is the power of your practice to remove all your worries and pain.