It is generally considered that music affects mood and internal emotional expression greatly. It’s just common sense, as most of us say. However, does music contribute to stability and prosperity? Is music good enough for people? Or is music helping us to rise and evolve, most importantly?

Therefore, in terms of resilience, it appears we can have a question about how much music leads to human resilience. Not because music is pessimistic, but because evidence indicates that social support for the building of resistance is one of the main factors. If music is not a social interaction as it may seem, the dimension of the partnership is less important and therefore less robust.

RapTV is a multimedia company that believes in pushing the culture through HipHop and Music. Daniel Snow, a young entrepreneur, founded it in 2017. Within a few years, his simple Instagram page idea resulted in an accumulation of 5.6 million followers; the account is now known as @Rap.

The company takes on the role and responsibility of covering all types of rap, whether it is mainstream, underground, southern-style, New York-esque, or Atlanta-based. “RapTV is a stepping stone into forming a true community for our fans and followers who want to be engaged in the overall culture of Hip Hop.” Daniel Snow, the founder of RapTV, states.

The company also prides itself on enabling engagement and interaction within the Hip Hop community that ultimately propels culture. But, RapTV also provides a reliable variety of content to reach and appeal to multiple audiences.

RapTV is a one-stop-shop for every different type of rap fan. What created uniqueness in RapTV is that its reach ranges from ‘the fan who just simply wants to stay up-to-date when new music releases’ all the way to ‘the fan who wants to remain in the loop on everything and everyone in the Hip Hop industry.’ RapTV unites all of these ‘fans’ by providing the culture-changing content that gels the interests of various people, together.

Through the motivation of rappers like Tupac, Jay-Z, and Kanye West, they were motivated to focus only on rap since those rappers have ideas that push the American and music culture forward, making rap the number one genre in the world.

RapTV was able to gather millions of followers within a short time on their social media platforms by continually interacting with their community and fans. They take the time to engage with all types of artists, big and small. They also dedicate their platform to finding new artists, so that they are also able to expand their audience to new music as well as what’s going on in the world of hip-hop.

Daniel Snow says that, “being consistent for three years, RapTV was able to become an overnight success story on Instagram.”

Many well-known artists follow and support RapTV on their platform. This is one of the main reasons why RapTV is one of the most prominent pages on Instagram; they are continually engaging with those artists, sharing their music, and creating different types of content.

“We have all types of artists that we work with. However, we’ve had the honor to work with Juice WRLD, who was one of our biggest supporters. Although it is sad to see him go, his music and legacy will live on forever,” Snow states.

RapTV was inspired to expand to other pages since Hip Hop is more profound than just Rap. They want to cover the fashion aspect of things, concerts, and lyrics. This is just the beginning for them. The music is symbolic for the livelihoods of many, the way many communicate and uphold themselves.

They created @Litconcertss to show the rappers on the stage, the crowd’s energy focusing on the art of their performance. It provides specified content for audiences looking for it. Also, @Bars is an account where they focus on artists, the bars, and the UPCOMING talent. More underground focus.

They also attempt to acknowledge and highlight the rising talent and overlooked talent. They reel in on the quality of the craft from what is being said to the artist’s style and flow. @Steez is simply for everything else that revolves around the music. The account hits the target on the clothes, the art, the drops of shoes coming out all that new drip, designer, and so forth. It essentially ties into the fashion culture Rap brings together.

RapTV helps upcoming artists by giving them a platform that allows them to communicate their ideas to their audience directly. However, making it big is not easy. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be noticed in the music industry. To all the upcoming artists,” Don’t be afraid to start small. Don’t forget it’s about the music, it’s about your talent and craft. Work on your bars, your videos, your sound. Don’t get caught up in the views and the likes, be patient. It’s all about consistency!” RapTV states.

To finish off, we asked RapTV where they see themselves in five years, they said: “In 5 years, we hope to have influenced the future and have left a mark in the culture. We plan on always bringing quality content to our old and new fans, and pushing rap and hip-hop culture forward in the multimedia age.”

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