Around this holiday time I often ask myself what it means to be free.  Not only as an American but also as a person who places freedom among her most treasured values.   Freedom means different things to everyone.  For me it means more than having the civil rights to express myself and live freely.   It is also the opportunity to seek out and experience dreams and goals.  On a deeper level, freedom is the ability to let go of the fear and doubt that become barriers to our inner freedom.  This is where I need to be to feel truly liberated. 

But feeling free isn’t the same for everyone.  Just as we each have our own beliefs, attachments and experiences, we also have different ideas about what defines personal freedom.  For me, feeling self-assured and content is liberating. Often it comes from the acknowledgment of people I love or respect, and sometimes it comes from breaking boundaries, setting goals, and achieving them. 

Freedom doesn’t just show up, you have to fight for it with courage and conviction the way our forefathers fought for their liberties.   It takes courage in the face of what appears to be unscalable hurdles, self-doubt and impotence. 

On this 4th of July I am feeling grateful for the courageous, beautiful and loving people in my life who showed me the way to be brave and fly free. Just the way I want it to be.

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