As crazy as this may sound, being a Creture according to Nick Covey, is something to be admired as well as something everyone should strive to achieve. Before you rush to label him as crazy, maybe you should take a little time to understand what being a Creture is all about. This article will give an in-depth review of the brand, Creture. It will also focus on the mastermind behind the brand, as we try to establish what drove him to become the first Creture.

What or Who is a Creture?

A Creture is someone who stays true to themselves by doing the things that make them unique. Such people are in touch with their inner voice which points them down the authentic path. These are people who understand that the only way to achieve happiness and fulfillment is through doing the things that make them feel most alive and by pursuing what they are uniquely fashioned to do regardless of culture, society, or pressure from others. They value authenticity above all else.

Each and everyone has a unique calling that brings meaning into their life. This is usually something the person is passionate about. When they are not doing it, they can’t stop thinking about it. This could be anything; snowboarding, surfing, golfing, building your own brand, traveling the world or simply taking a nature walk. Being a Creture is all about embracing your uniqueness and the things you do that express it. However, we often lose our identity amidst the distractions and the noise of today’s world. Especially because we lack the support to remind us of who we are. Creture is all about helping people get in touch with their authentic self by supporting the pursuit of the unique activities that represent who they are, and allowing them to express this through clothing and community.

Who is Nick Covey

Nick Covey is a 23-year-old who has enough Creture in him to relentlessly pursue his goals and dreams. He is an up and coming entrepreneur who’s building an exceptional brand that is changing people’s lives for the better. He’s a true hustler, a visionary, adventurer, an athlete, a boundary pusher and someone who’s striving to achieve his highest potential.

Most importantly, he is always eager to help others discover their own authenticity which will help them live more meaningful and fulfilled lives. Through his self-discovery journey, he discovered that the pursuit of our passions and hobbies allows us to become present in the moment and to escape our hyper-active minds that wear us down with false realities. Moreover, these are signs of what we should be doing with our lives and who we should be.

What is Creture?

Creture focuses on highlighting your individual uniqueness, and the things that you do that portray who you really are. Early in his life, Nick Covey and his friend had a dream to create an apparel brand that supported this different breed of individuals. However, it was only towards the end of college that he realized he needed to execute on this idea.

He discovered that a majority of people just like himself were leading a life that was not fulfilling. They were in dire need of something that will spark some passion and meaning in their life. Creture was created with the core belief that people should wear something that has meaning to them. The brand helps you express and represent your authentic self through its lifestyle apparel and community of Cretures. The company purely sells directly to its customers through their online store with everything being limited edition.

Creture/ Nick’s Success

Nick Covey has seen so much success so far given that Creture is a relatively new brand. The brand was one of the top 10% of Shopify stores within the first month of its launch. This can be attributed to Nick’s unique marketing strategy and the passion invested in creating this brand. So far, Nick has read over 200 books providing him with a multitude of insights that allowed him to create and market a brand. He is also extremely hardworking and entrepreneurial. He launched more than 4 startups while in college and has given speeches to multiple high schools about entrepreneurship. Most importantly, Nick is a true Creture; he lives and breathes the message behind the brand.

Though the company doesn’t have high-profile clients yet, it is growing each day. They have created an online community where Cretures can help and support each other in their various endeavors. Nick is focusing on growing his brand to a level that can effectively impact people on a global level.