bOnline Ltd agrees that “times” are challenging. Since the pandemic began, one of the most talked-about things in addition to physical health has been the importance of mental health in everyone’s lives.

On one hand, where big companies are focusing more and more on the mental health issue, small companies do not have the capital and resources to focus on non-profit related matters such as employee’s well-being and mental health. That is why small businesses owners are more prone to having mental health issues. A recent survey of 800 small business owners in the UK found that 82% reported poor mental health in the last 12 months. With this study, it was evident that small business owners are clearly not prioritising their mental health.

If you are a small business owner and want to take charge of your mental health, here are some tips on how to take care of your mental well-being:

Aim to achieve a work-life balance

Take a moment and think about how your regular day looks like. Think about how you manage time and if the schedule you have for yourself is strictly followed or not.

Setting time limits and taking time off should be a priority. Striking the perfect chord for achieving work-life balance may seem impossible but only a schedule can help you manage that.

The ideal way to take time off post work is to switch off work-related notifications, from email to messages and use a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system for your business. The VoIP phone system allows you to make HD audio and video calls over the internet. It is a wonderful product for small business owners as it has the feature of setting up the business and holiday hours. Whatever schedule you set for your business, in non-working hours, calls are directed to voicemail, hence, not creating any disturbance after work.

Stay active

Exercise is not only about staying in shape and being fit. It is also about the feeling of attaining well-being. Regular physical activity is known to have effective results in improving mood and fighting stress-related problems.

The body releases chemicals called endorphins while exercising. The discharge of endorphins reduces the feeling of pain and helps deal with stress. A feeling of positivity is triggered in the body with endorphins. That is why people feel good after a workout session.

So, daily exercising is highly recommended, even if it means a 30 minute walk. 

Adopt a digital mindset

For small business owners, handling work can be stressful most of the time. Because of the lack of human resources and money, small business owners need to wear many hats and perform various roles.

That is where a digital mentality comes in handy. Plan and strategise in a way that technology becomes the driving force of your company. Instead of manual record-keeping and handling data, if a small business owner works digitally, the stress of remembering every detail is eliminated. Also, the chances of human error get drastically minimised.

Digital transformation is the need of the hour. The foremost basic things to move forward for a company has to be a reliable internet connection and a VoIP phone system. Cultivation of the right technology in your business will make your life simpler and working more delightful. 

Get a decent amount of sleep

Excessive stress or burnout comes with a lot of problems and lack of sleep is one of them. Stress that is chronic and lasts for a long time can result in insomnia, frequent headaches and mood disorders.

Learn to take a break and relax. Practice meditation or yoga for mind relaxation. Don’t overwork and follow a good sleep routine of 7-8 hours. A fixed bedtime routine away from devices can help you lower down stress levels.

Get help

When you start feeling that your stress is getting out of your hands and impacting your daily life, it is time to get some professional health. Talk it out to friends, family or colleagues and things will get better with time.

Lastly, as a small business owner, you should use practical tools and set realistic goals for yourself for restoring your mental health balance.

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