the skies parted

My husband Michael had been given a potentially fatal health diagnosis, and with 2 young children, I needed to reinvent myself and find a way to support us in case he died (thankfully, he didn’t!)

My beloved radio career was over. My last job was the morning show at KKJZ in Portand, Oregon and we had recently moved cross country to Connecticut. My ego would not allow me to work for the local radio station for minimum wage!

I had known since I was 14-years-old that I was going to be a radio DJ and wasn’t prepared or qualified to do anything else. I began working with a life coach and thought “I want to do what she’s doing!” I started going to coaching school over the internet – such cutting-edge technology in 2002!

Inside, I somehow knew there was more – I became intrigued with hypnosis. I began researching hypnosis trainings near me and found several 2-day certifications. I somehow knew deep inside that that was not enough. I expanded my search to New York and found Melissa Tiers, who offered an extensive 100 hour course. Even though she sent me references, I never checked. I knew deep inside she was the right teacher for me (I had no idea about intuition back then.)

This city-phobic girl hopped in my white Volvo station wagon (my mom mobile!) on an early sunny autumn Saturday and drove an hour and a half to Manhattan. I somehow managed to find the address and a nearby parking garage.

I got in the elevator wondering what I had gotten myself into. I got off the elevator and saw some students already gathered around the conference table. Was I nervous!

Melissa began the training and my head kept snapping back, as every third work was the F bomb! Again, I wondered what I had gotten myself into. At some point I relaxed enough to realize she was using the F bomb intentionally – to make a point and really get our attention. (It worked!)

During our first trance, I felt as if the skies parted and the heavens sang, as I realized THIS is what I was called to do! Hypnosis was the vehicle to allow me to serve and help others make incredible life changes in a gentle and easy way.

Before the course was over, I had rented an office, printed business cards and brochures. I even had a website – again, in late 2004 ,cutting edge!

On January 1, 2005, I officially opened Danbury Hypnosis. For many years I did quite well. But some people will never understand how powerful hypnosis is and that caused my Impostor Syndrome to kick in big time. I stopped leading with hypnosis and started sounding like every other life coach.

I struggled for a while, and then claimed that hypnosis IS my superpower and haven’t looked back!

I helped Sara get free from her “crippling fear of flying.” She has now flown to all seven continents and over 114 countries and built a thriving business as The Five Foot Traveler.

fear of needles - GONE!

11-year-old Rhyan used to have to be restrained by 2 adults in order to get her shots. Recently she ever so calmly got her flu shot. Her mom said “This is miracle level stuff.”

overcome fear of highway driving

42-year-old Alison recently drove 50 miles to see her sister – for the first time in TEN YEARS! No more fear of highway driving!

61-year-old Terry wanted to play a better golf game. He went on to win the singles flight at his country club – AND the doubles flight the next weekend!

If that sounds like what you want, let’s have a free, safe and confidential consultation to see if working together is a good fit.

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