S/he will always tell you, ‘I don’t need any gift baby as long as I have you.’ Never fall for this; deep down, have you known this isn’t true!

Recent research reveals that both men and women use gifts as a means to maintain existing interpersonal relationships. Whether to show affection or when apologizing for a mistake, you can never go wrong with a well-thought gift to your lover. Besides, presents are a fantastic way to mark occasions, making them memorable for you and your lover.

In the initial stages of your relationship, sending gifts may be more of transactional and reciprocal exchange. As your bond grows, however, it transitions to an expression of emotion.

Things to consider before getting a gift

It can be quite a daunting task to decide what you should get your partner, depending on where you are in your relationship.

Will s/he like it? Is it useless? Is it too obvious?

Stalk your lover

Browse through their social media and find out what they’re raving about. Does she give many likes to that designer perfume? Get it for her, Is he following every Nike shoe ad? Well, get him some new kicks!

What does s/he have already?

You don’t want to get them a useless gift, find out what they already own to know what they might or might not need.

Besides, it can help you come up with thoughtful gifts that can accompany their belongings, say she has all sorts of makeup cluttering her desk drawer, get her an organizer. If he has a smartphone, you could get him a smartwatch to go with it!

What are their interests and hobbies?

You can always ask

If you need to take them by surprise, you can approach their friends or close family members who will always have an idea of what they’d want.

Some ideas

A surprise delivery of fresh flowers and luxe candies

Research reveals that women genuinely like getting flowers. It increases their happiness; then add some luxe candies to it for her sweet tooth.

Who said men don’t need gifts as well? Show him that you really think about him by getting him a wallet. Not only is it useful in carrying his money, but it also bears his identity, with other added functionalities in tactical wallets.

  • Fun board games

It gives you a chance to hang out more with them as it’ll guarantee that you spend more time together.

  • Long-distance touch lamp

Long-distance relationships can be quite challenging. You can get a long-distance touch lamp to help you feel closer to your loved one.

  • A book about a topic your partner is into

During gift-giving, you might have a lot of feelings and expectations mixed up. Here are some guidelines to keep you safe:

  • During the initial stages of the relationship, you should keep it simple and thoughtful.
  • As the relationship progresses, you can invest more money-wise to express your love

Get your partner a gift today, and watch your relationship flourish.


  • Gail Green



    Interior designer/decorator and founder of Gail Green Interiors.