1. Ms. Kitty Moring among the 13 elements to live a vibrant and active lifestyle which one do you find it the easiest to implement and why?

ALIGNMENT- This is the reason that you do what you do. If I want to change something that is not working, or create something I want I must be CLEAR on the reason I want to do it. This exercise in alignment can turn around any area of your life and it’s my secret to “ Finding Your Why- How to Create Anything You Want”

2. Ms. Moring tell us your journey how you become a bestselling author and went across the country sharing your message?

After 44 years as a CEO of multiple corporations from a restaurant to a real estate development company, I was at a crossroads. Burnt out on customer service and the challenges of juggling too many balls, I surrendered. I GAVE UP, and actually I walked away from it ALL. I sold both corporations, I sold my beautiful house on 7 acres, I left my partner of 41 years and I drove away. The book came from that journey into the unknown. It also became a #1 Bestseller in Adulthood Aging. As I went through this process, which was cathartic and life changing, I found a company that helps launch people’s book and turn them into BESTSELLERS in the field of their passion. It inspires me to help someone start to write the story they have had in their heads for years, and if they chose to go on to be a #1 best selling author it can catapult them into a new career path doing something they are really passionate about. I believe all should be sharing our gifts with the world. A book is the perfect way!

3. Ms. Moring, one of your 13 elements is sleep, what technique can you share with us to enhance regular good night sleep and get adequate 8 hours?

Digital Sunset- Turn off your artificial lights and your electronics at least one hour before sleep. There are many ways to do this but it’s critical to get restful sleep. Sleep is one of the most important secrets to your health. Your body needs it to restore, repair and regenerate. We all are zapped with BLUE LIGHT that affects your melatonin, the body’s natural way of telling you it’s time to SLEEP.

Learn more by reading The Power Of Choice by Kitty Moring


As a lifetime long seeker of knowledge and a member of the 87 million baby boomers generation. Kitty Moring has lived an amazingly full life. Soon to be 65, mother to a blended family of 5 grown children and 12 grand babes, she had to make a lot of challenging choices throughout this journey called LIFE. A successful entrepreneur and owner of several businesses, from a RE/MAX office to an organic based independent restaurant, a retired Professional Registered Nurse, and a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer she feels she can help her generation AGE gracefully and powerfully. Her current book arose out of my Dynamic Aging Lifestyle Coaching Company. Sharing and coaching throughout her life to family and friends is her passion. With my choices to live as she has, she knows that the outcome of your life is ALL in the choices you make. She is currently helping others share their message with the world through writing their story and launching them as BESTSELLERS. It is a challenging and rewarding new path for her.

For more information, visit her website: http://www.dynamicagingstyle.com

Follow her on Instagram: @dynamic_aging_vitality_coach

Facebook: https://b-m.facebook.com/DynamicAgingLifestyle/


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