I will choose to see the tragedy at Notre Dame as an awakening. I was reminded in various articles last night that the Templars hid symbols of Mary Magdalene within the architecture of great cathedrals and structures. Being raised Catholic, Magdalene was seen as nothing more than a prostitute turned follower of Jesus. I realized as I grew older that she was one of the most powerful women scholars and healers in history. Watching the fires burn within the holy Cathedral on the news last night, my eyes welled up along with everyone else’s. The history embodied within that structure has carried both the light and the darkness of a tradition that throughout time, has suppressed the Divine feminine and women’s roles in society as a whole. Most of the world’s major religions and cultures have done the same. I have not visited Notre Dame, but I understand there is symbology throughout the Cathedral honoring both Mary the Mother of God and Mary Magdalene. We are in a time of crisis where women’s rights in many underprivileged countries are still being fought for. The sex trafficking trade is flourishing, with the United States actually being high up on that list. Slavery in some countries still permeates social systems. Basic rights to education and personal freedoms remain a threat to countries who thrive on dictatorship. With that all said, I am truly grateful that at this point in time, sacred relics and the majority of the Church’s structure were able to be saved. I also choose to look at the fires as purifying, paving the way for the secrecy withheld in any tradition against the Divine Feminine to be healed. Centuries old and ready to awaken, the Divine Feminine has a voice which will be spoken louder in the years to come more than in any time past. It has already been happening on many levels. Thus, my prayers go forth to all those feminine spirits held within those walls of the great Cathedral. To all those prayers said within that sacred space waiting to still be heard. Those flames carried everything straight to heaven, with such an intensity enhanced by those praying on the streets as they watched those flames. Amen Notre Dame and thank you for being a vessel for healing.