A naturally, extra large soda cup sits to my right and on display from ‘Chipotle’ post a fast, local ‘Taco Tuesday’ dinner run, much like the noticeable observance on ‘AGT’ and ‘World Of Dance,’ often characterized by the unique combination of veteran, advanced performance judges. 

Complete with a sole, single straw in hand (minus the obvious, outstanding appearance of fancily sparkly, beaded bedazzlement), ‘Coke Zero’ is my particular beverage of choice following my prior dedication to ‘Bubly Sparkling Water,’ happily saving calories one effortlessly, sweetly delicious blackberry brand flavor at a time. 

The feeling of actively, semi resembling the incredibly, beautifully stunning, gorgeous Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara, even if just for a small, limited amount of time is a flattering achievement, a short term goal and a response at best.

Witnessing the authentic joy and the radiance of competitors looking to bravely, busily advance their careers on a large platform is not only inspiring but also a dream for most like myself, the intimate unveiling of a portrait telling an even deeper, in depth, thorough, examinable story.

Forget the familiar setting of a big stage and now replace it with the regularly average, mundane anticipation of home, as if buckling up in an old, beat up car readily awaiting the hope and the exciting rush of a brand new, grand adventure.

There’s nothing unexpected about a pre chosen routine. In fact, it’s more about the accuracy of crossing a necessary boundary, leading to the welcomed idea and the approachable finality of an anti comfort zone. 

‘It’s not about where you start, but rather finish, as the quote is known to state. As refreshing as the taste is, the originality of a tale’s form is the equal sign of a sip of your favorite drink, regardless of substance or location, in defense of a voice patiently being heard.