The ebb and flow…of life, of relationships, of our health, of ourselves.

We are in a constant state of ebb and flow.

There are days when you can feel connected and exhilarated.

Manifestations appear before you almost instantly.

This is why this state is called flow.

Much like the ocean who welcomes its water back out to sea, the waves also ebb.

The waves retreat.

The waves return home.

There was a time in my life several years ago, many years before the pandemic, where my social calendar was vibrant and full and I was so busy…every single weekend…and I thought this was joy.

All of a sudden, one day, I had nothing on my calendar, not just for a weekend, but for months.

At first, I was really sad about it.

No one was coordinating with me and I didn’t feel like reaching out either. I was exhausted from this schedule. I was the one keeping myself this busy because I thought it would make me happy…only to find out all it did was make me tired.

Then one day, I was telling one of my dearest friends about how I was feeling and do you know what she said? 

She said, “Lucky you,” 

“Lucky me?,” I said.

“Lucky you! God wants you all to Himself right now to get to know you again and for you to get to know Him. Lucky you!”

My season of ebb was meant to be.

It was meant for me to reconnect with myself and with what matters most, the Divine and its purpose in my life. 

Just as the ocean ebbs and flows, so do we.

We have times in our life where life is vibrant and there are times when we need solitude to rejuvenate and nourish, much like when the ocean’s waves ebb.

When the wave returns back to its vast body of water, it reconnects with its origin, the place from where all things flow.

It returns home.

Our entire world has been in an ebb cycle throughout this past year.

How have you connected this year?

How have you returned home?

How have you gotten to know yourself better this year?

Every day, we make choices.

We decide what we’ll eat, who we will interact with and how we will spend our time. It’s important to recognize how life requires balance.

Life requires ebb and flow.

Without one, the other would find itself in excess.

With too much ocean ebb, we experience drought. With too much ocean flow, we experience flood.

Everything requires ebb and flow. 

Where were you in excess before the pandemic?

When we can recognize these seasons in our life and find gratitude for their purpose, we find ourselves enjoying the process and riding the wave of life.

Join me for this wonderful meditation, The Ebb and Flow of Life, filmed at the ocean to enjoy Mama Earth at Her best and to welcome the healing power of the ebb and flow.