For many years now, I’ve heard about and accepted the theory of ancestral issues being passed down from generation to generation, but I only thought of this in an energetic sense. It’s only in the last year or so that I’ve seen the reality of how this plays out in each generation, so that’s what we’ll look at here.

When a child is conceived, that little embryo takes on the strongest emotional issues from each parent**.  Those issues will be overlaid atop the Soul Contract of that little person (the life lessons he/she has chosen to learn from in this lifetime), so when the child is born, there are already 2 layers in play. 

Over time, other layers accrue. There is a layer of day-to-day conditioning from parents, carers, society etc. and interlaced with those are the accumulated beliefs of the child itself. Can you see how these layers can form quite a mesh of potential issues from which the child/young adult responds/reacts and which make it difficult to read any individual from the outside?

  • The concept of passing on inter-generational baggage can explain why some irrational fears/phobias are incredibly difficult to shift; if such fears have been unwittingly taken on, there is no trail of explanatory breadcrumbs leading from cause to effect, making treatment difficult.

Triggers are the emotional sore spots that create reactions. With the afore-mentioned mesh of emotions in mind, we can see that it’s possible to trigger a response from any one of several places, each of which feels valid to the individual concerned until that particular issue has been understood and cleared. 

In the case of parental issues, it can be very hard to touch on/understand why we react in the way we do to a situation when it really doesn’t make sense for us to do so. I write this article now because it seems that all generations are working through ancestral issues simultaneously, and it’s currently accounting for much discord amongst families. So let’s rewind a little.

The foetus takes on the main emotional issues of both parents in the first trimester, so think back to what you know of your own parents, or what you yourself were going through at the time of conception of your own children, then think back to what has played out over the years since then. Some may see an over-reaction, either in how your own perception played out to circumstances you found yourself in, or what you saw in your own offspring/family. When you consider the main theme for each issue (power, love, trust) you should see some understanding beginning to creep in.

So how can we turn and face what’s happening in order to dispel the filters of misperception right now? There are a few simple questions to ask ourselves whenever an issue is triggered:

1. Does this issue belong to me? 

2. Is there anything I need to learn from this issue?

3. Do I have a part to play in this issue?

4. Is there an achievable resolution to this issue?

The inheriting of ancestral issues thus validates the structure of family because within its framework, we have the potential to play out or unravel long term issues in real time, thus clearing karmic challenges for generations to come. 

With this long term outlook, much can be viewed, changed and achieved to facilitate greater understanding of ourselves, and thus create a more harmonious society in which to live and commune. 

If you would like to work with me to understand your life issues, a Soul Contract reading is a great place to start.  I am currently writing a series of recordings for each of the 22 soul contract energies to illustrate how these energies may play out in our lives, so look for more on that soon. 

** NB: this can be a life-saver for trauma survivors but can also be a cause of trauma in the infant.