The Effects of Social Media On Human Health

Presently, 40% of the world’s population is using social media. It has minimized the distances among the people; you no longer are unaware of the current happening across the globe. You can share your moments at these social stations by just a few clicks. Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and Facebook Messenger are some of the widely used platforms having users in Billions. This number of social media users is increasing continuously. These giant-sized platforms are becoming favorite due to appealing features and opportunities.

Since every invention of science is meant to bring ease in our lives and reduces human labor. But it carries some negative negatives too. So, it all depends on us, the way and extent by which we utilize it. Today, I’m going to share the overall impacts of Social Media on human beings. It is based on various researches and expert opinions.

Negative Impacts of Social Media over Mental Health

The following are some of the negative impacts causing due to social media.

  • You may come across with inferiority complex or feel down when you compare yourself with others.
  • In such conditions, it can lead to a state of depression, and even sometimes; you can come across suicidal thoughts.
  • Some of the content consists of hate-speech, which can hurt your emotions, which can further result in severe anxiety.
  • You can face cyberbullying or harassment.
  • It is affecting the practical skills and a barrier to in-person communication.
  • Several people have become addicted to it, which is quite a terrible thing as it disturbs your normal and works routine.
  • You will prefer to use social media, and ultimately, you start paying less attention to other important aspects. Like sleeping, eating, exercising, or studying.

How to get rid of the negative impacts

Firstly, you must be aware of the serious consequence of mental health caused by misuse of social media. Some of the people start using different services or other services to make themselves famous overnight. If you find any of the negative impacts on yourself, then you should talk to someone. Sharing your problems with someone who cares about you. It can result in good, as a person feels satisfaction. Besides this, you can also respond to a counselor or doctor for proper treatment. Surely, an expert would suggest and help you better to get rid of it

Major Positive Impacts of Social Media:

Allowing for Self-Expression

Social avenues have empowered humanity, thorough its strong impact on the world. You may have seen several social issues get resolved after highlighting on social platforms. Me too movement against sexual harassment and abuse, and it has spread globally. It helped many victims to publicize their allegations of sexual abuse committed by powerful persons.

Emotional support

It helped to raise emotional support for people who are suffering in any part of the world. Twitter is famous for setting the trends. When it comes to sparking any movement, Twitter holds a strong position in this respect.

Increased Connectivity with Other People

When a person is communicating with strangers and making new friends each day, then he remains fresh and joyful. It creates a sense of excitement and curiosity to know about others. Interacting with new people will also aid you to develop communication skills.


Everything has two aspects; positive and negative. Now it mainly depends on a user itself how he is dealing with it. Using for your getting your interest would be pleasant. On the contrary, excessive use of it will gradually disturb your mental health. During COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a good opportunity to restore your mental health.