A circle has a single focus, located at the center, while having a fixed radius. An ellipse, on the other hand, is a curve surrounding two focal points, such that for all points on the curve, the sum of the two distances to the focal points is constant. The ellipse is a complex image, granted. But it’s an apt image for a company like Fast Growth Formula, given what all is involved in running a progressive and ambitious dental-focused mentorship program with two equally powerful and talented leaders. Maintaining a focus on the health and development of dentists who are responsible to simultaneously provide dental solutions and lead a team of individual performers to operate as a seamless unit. 

Fast Growth Formula is the brainchild of two dentists, Dr. Nathan Jeal and Dr. Bao-Tran Nguyen. They are also a married couple, each having significantly different life paths, both of which have led them into marriage and running a quite diversified dental company together. Their union, in and of itself, is another “ellipse” to maintain, which includes a constant focus on both business and family.

Nate and Bao-Tran both pursued dentistry, having a shared insight: “The entire business of dentistry, today, is at a fascinating junction, between science, art, entrepreneurship and technology.” A simple example was the introduction of invisible braces into the dental practice, a technological advance that almost instantly eliminated the need for any patient to hide his or her smile during treatment. There are countless other examples that involve newer techniques, materials and especially newer approaches to business organization and communication. So this “junction” of which Nate and Bao-Tran speak, informs and directs them to their next business venture, with mentoring and coaching dentists as focal points, and with the curve of their clients’ smiles their ultimate end product.

Health in any form requires right choices. And that right choice made today, may be different tomorrow, due to any number of changes introduced over time. Nate and Bao-Tran have always had a keen insight into this dynamic which is perhaps truer today than ever due to an ever evolving landscape in the dental industry. In order to maintain high quality results across their businesses, a clear and coherent operating system is required to support it all. 

Nate and Bao-Tran’s operating system comprises, in a sense, changing algorithms. The sole role of an algorithm is to simplify. “Simplifiers” is exactly how this married couple sees themselves within the global dental industry. Systematizing simplicity has an effect on the entire way a dentist practices their craft, most often requiring changes to communication patterns, and which is optimally delivered through teaching. Nate and Bao-Tran have altered their own professional focus, away from focusing on clinical dentistry exclusively, toward teaching and updating dentists about real solutions to genuine problems many dentists face as business people. Within it all, their formula is designed to maximize the ability of dentists to produce an experience that results in a smiling patient walking out the dental office door. After all, delivering results to happy patients is the only way to truly grow a practice. 

So Nate and Bao-Tran have transitioned within the dental profession. A decade in practice has seen them evolve from multipractice ownership to thought leaders in the dental industry across North America, all the while deepening their understanding around the human value of a great smile.