Is there really such a similarity between Empaths??

I am laughing at this question of mine because the answer is clear and easy to see:  YES!!!!

A vast amount of Empaths are just now waking up and looking for answers.  Many Empaths are now in Facebook groups.  Many are relieved to finally find like-minded people and explanations for why they are affected by others – why they know or feel more than others.

Most Empaths have a HUGE heart.  This heart LOVES to help other people.  There is nothing more fueling to an Empath than to be of service to others.  Mostly, an Empath feels a huge burst of energy when they step forward in this way.   Empaths love to listen, solve and/or sprinkle the great energy into helping others.

Empaths often re-wire the energy of others.  That means others walk away feeling better, having released negative energy or having gained new perspectives or insights.

In a typical scenario, what happens to Susie the Empath when she is talking to someone?  She gets activated and is able to tap into a wonderful soul connection with this individual.  Susie mirrors a higher frequency or reality to the other person – which empowers and clears the energy of this other person.

Empaths have a magic toolkit of psychic and energetic gifts to share with others. 

At basic levels, we listen without judgment.

At moderate levels, we blend to transmute energy.

At advanced levels, we restructure the mental and emotional bodies.

An Empath can do ALL this???   Yes –  shared in very simplistic terms…

In more complex terms, it is explained as the Empath using energetic connection and psychic gifts to clear away negativity and bring clarity to the other person.  All the magic happens energetically – it’s about feeling subtle energy.

Is this gift tough to manage?   Yes and no.  

There are some Empaths who are developed enough and solid in their own energy and wise to understand management of their gifts. These Empaths are fairly well versed in metaphysical concepts of energy, past lives and self-healing.  They use their skills to help others without being negatively affected themselves.

Less seasoned or newly awakening Empaths struggle with being an Empath because they feel drained by each interaction and/or feel the lower emotions of others as their own.  For these Empaths, the struggle to comfortably interact with others rests on one of both of these issues:

1 – They do not remember, know or understand the basic skills for managing their gifts to effectively help others without getting stuck in the muck of lower vibrations.

2 – Their auric bodies are not yet strong enough to be helping others because they have much of their own healing (conscious or unconscious) that needs their attention.   These individuals will often feel the emotions of others as their own because, on some level, they resonate with these same emotions.  This Empath is challenged by this extra dose of emotions and typically their focus in outside of themselves – on others.  They feel so much that it’s quite uncomfortable.  Their immediate response is to find fault with the world, settle into being a martyr for others or isolate themselves away.  In truth, the “uncomfortable feeling” is there to awaken them – to grab their attention and push them to step forward – to move to a place of solution.

The role of the Empath is very unique and wonderful.  Most Empaths find their greatest joy and their truest calling by helping others.  Often, they walk forward not realizing the importance of their own inner work – their own spiritual development.

Many times, an Empath’s natural way of giving or helping serves mainly as a distraction from diving deeper to heal themselves.  It is important to note that only when the Empath is fully healed can he/she effectively manage and use their gifts to the highest potential.   

I have pointed it out many times and I will continue to point it out to all of you – the most important task at hand for each and every Empath is their own journey of self-healing and transformation.

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