Through the Kinesiology program at Penn State, I heard about an incredible success story of PSU Kinesiology alum Nick E. Stahl out in LA. After diving into UnSTAHLable and getting to know more about Nick, it shed light on a new perspective. To have knowledge about fitness and wellness is one thing, but being able to share that knowledge, and create resources that others can use to better themselves is the ultimate goal. That is exactly why Nick has been successful with and through unSTAHLable.

When you think of fitness you typically think about the physical aspects of being fit. When sharing knowledge about fitness, you think mostly in regards to personal training, which Nick provides to various types of people and fitness levels. With his background in bodybuilding, kinesiology, and his work ethic, it makes sense that he is successful in channeling his passion through teaching others how to train and workout. However, since getting to know Nick a little better and understanding unSTAHLable he ultimately wants to inspire and teach his students. Enabling them the tools they need to be healthy, which in turn will enable them to live smarter, longer, and happier lives.

Nick E. Stahl’s fitness brand unSTAHLable serves as a platform he utilizes in hopes to motivate and inspire his audience and others as much as he can. Nick has been rated in the top 1% of fitness community influencers and even attended the first ever Worlds Social Media Influencer Awards in 2018 overseas in Monaco. With that being said, he has proven to be successful in reaching a large audience and sharing his knowledge and passion for fitness wide spread. Being happy and healthy is the ultimate goal, and while “happy” and “healthy” might look different for everyone, they are important nonetheless. Being proactive about our health is the best self-help, and utilizing unSTAHLable is a step in the right direction. Nick shares his knowledge and experiences, in order to help motivate and inspire others to be BOTH physically and mentally healthy, while pursuing his passion.