As a leader, you know what the picture of potential in a particular facet of business or life looks like. Why then do we often stop short of fully painting it into reality for those we serve?

At the beginning of every year, there’s a lot of talk of “resolving” or “resolutions.” Many of us are taught a problem-solution approach to life and to business.

As business owners following standard business theory, we are taught to continuously resolve – to identify and solve a problem.

By definition, to “resolve” is “to settle or find a solution” or “to solve or end a problem or difficulty.” To settle. Think about that…

The extended version of problem-solving may involve offering a more unique solution, thereby allowing us to innovatively end a difficulty, challenge or problem for ourselves and/or others.

Whether we are business owners service an audience or employees serving the customers of a corporation, it is all too ease to believe that our work is solely about solving a problem… though doing so often will not spur us beyond the status quo.

It simply returns us to it. Think about it: by solving a problem, we are essentially bringing our audience back to homeostasis. We aren’t challenging ourselves or them to stretch beyond what we already know is possible.

And without challenge, there can be no real growth.

As living breathing organisms, we need growth. Real growth. And less pain (to resolution of a problem) does not equate to real growth.

The greatest personal example I can share was my choice in the face of the “problem” of my nearly dying from life-threatening illness, twice. Had this “problem” solely been solved, I’d be alive; though I would not likely be once again walking, traveling the globe, or running a thriving business. I wouldn’t be doing what doctors predicted I could and would not do. I wouldn’t be thriving in life.

Thriving and life maximization stem from the realization of our true potential. By solely solving a problem, we are not leading with the most critical component we each can teach some aspect of to our audience or those we know: Human Potential.

It’s time to stop solely solving problems. Beyond solution lies evolution and revolution.

When we dedicate ourselves to being leaders who do more than solve a problem, we take our audiences on a Strategic Journey to a point of potential they may not have known possible for themselves.

We use the momentum we and our audience have gained in the trajectory from problem to solution, and we use it to carry us forth to realize a level of even greater growth…one that lay far beyond homeostasis and likely bridging into what we hadn’t previously known possible for ourselves.

Most of our audiences can envision the alleviation of a current pain or problem (even if they don’t know how to go about doing so); however, most do not know the point of their potential that lies far beyond the solution – a point that can create far greater ease, joy and fulfillment then they have ever known.

When we stop at a solution, we stop serving our audience to our fullest capacity. We deprive them of realized possibility.

Real value stems from showing our audience what their potential looks like and showing them how they can unlock it (with a certain amount of ease) for themselves. Evolution and revolution need not be complicated – they simply need to be steps taken beyond solely solving a problem.

Challenge yourself to question the “next level” of what you can teach as a leader, business owner or employee. How can you take one giant step beyond the solution, even if it scares you to trek into uncharted territory?

When you lead, begin with the problem as the point of relatability – something real your audience wants to resolve…and then use your unique composite of knowledge and wisdom to springboard your audience into something far beyond simply ridding their problems.

Always remember that while solving our problems is important, it is the realization of our potential is crucial to life maximization.

What most of humanity is secretly searching is the unveiling of that “something more”: golden nuggets in the form of a point of potential or possibility that you can help others evolve into, because you have lived and discovered that possibility through your own lived experience.


Nearly anyone can offer a solution. sOme can offer innovative solutions. World-class leaders offer evolution and revolutions.

If what you know is possible can awaken an audience to their own potential, you owe it to yourself and to them to teach, to serve.

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  • Joscelyn Duffy

    Thought Leadership Brand Strategist, Ghostwriter & CEO, The Maven Agency

    The Maven Agency, Joscelyn Duffy International Inc.

    Joscelyn Duffy is the CEO of Joscelyn Duffy International Inc., Founder of The Maven Agency (, ghostwriter behind 21 books, and a sought-out communication veteran known for helping emerging and established thought leaders bring their knowledge-based businesses and world-changing visions to life. She is a contributor to Psychology Today and has been featured on international publications and podcasts, such as Entrepreneur and Thrive Global.   Dubbed the “Voice Finder” and “Message Maven,” Joscelyn has supported Fortune 500 companies, serial entrepreneurs, global teachers, coaches, authors and speakers in 6 countries. She and her team have created business strategy, innovative brands, and world-class books for everyone from NY Times best-selling authors to world-renowned leaders like Brendon Burchard and Sonia Choquette. Her work has landed clients 7-figure revenues and features on platforms such as ABC, NBC, Fox and Entrepreneur.
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