Over a year ago I was constantly struggling with exhaustion, restlessness, health problems, anxiety and even my sleep was suffering (it rarely happens to me). I was on the edge of burnout.

I decided to do everything I can to change it and followed those 6 principles religiously. I saw massive changes in just 8 days. I now know that I’ve subscribed to a new way of living, it’s not a fad diet for just 30 days.

1. My new motto is “SLOW DOWN”

For an energy bunny, former caffeine addict, “Life is too short to stand on an escalator ” type of girl this is not an easy one, okay, give me some credit. There will be moments when you feel the pull to rush and get into high-paced life but what will make a huge difference here is awareness. Choose to consciously watch yourself and when you feel the need to rush, simple words “Sloooow” will do the magic.

2. I start my day with 32-minutes of meditation

This is my non-negotiable. Sometimes I have to wake up at 5 to do it because I take early client calls in the morning but no excuses. Why 32-minutes? No scientific reason behind it, it just happens to be the length of a guided meditation that I enjoy listening to 🙂 Meditation helps to calm your mind, reduce stress and helps to slow down your breath.

3. I make sure to breathe

This one sounds a no-brainer but the truth is, we don’t know how to breathe properly through our belly. When we are stressed, our breath shortens, our brain gets less oxygen and the recipe for anxiety has been created. Pay attention to your breathing throughout the day. It helps you to ground yourself, feel more confident and powerful.

4. My health is my priority

A lot of the anxiety for me was also caused by lack of important vitamins in my body, especially iron. That can often make you feel like your life is falling apart. Make sure you are backing yourself up with good food and vitamins. I’ve prioritized getting my iron levels back to normal and I can feel like a different person. Our physical health can have a massive impact on our emotional well-being and vice versa.

5. I take less on board but I achieve more

This one has been the most mind-blowing one for me. I am now writing only a few things on my task list but I have been able to accomplish so much more. Remember, you are here for the long-haul. Don’t rush. Take slow, steady, consistent steps and I promise you’ll get there (wherever you need to get). But please don’t forget, past and future don’t really exist, only in your mind, so being HERE is the best thing you can do right now.

6. I fall asleep meditating

I’ve chosen a 10-20 minute meditation to calm my busy mind, shift my energy and make sure I get a good night sleep. I’ve never had big problems falling asleep but the quality of sleep was never great. Sleepwalking and talking, running while sleeping was nothing new, so I had to change it.

If you stumble, that only makes you a human. If you don’t pick yourself up, that only makes you someone who doesn’t believe she can change her current circumstances. If that’s the case, ask for help, you don’t have to do it by yourself.