This morning, before writing this, I got to meet a former Philam Life colleague of mine again. We were about to eat in the same fast food restaurant, waiting for our turns to order. She asked me the usual questions re: my current undertakings in life, including asking for a referral. I graciously turned it down right there & then, as I was about to place my order at the counter; that’s probably the nth time she asked a referral from me every time I cross paths with her.

Maybe you’re asking, “Why did you do that?” Here’s my simple answer: she wasn’t part of my Team. Matter of fact, this is the very same answer I would give ANYONE who’s not part of my Team. To me, it’s a total waste of time, energy & credibility on my part to drop a name on her or any other person who’s not in the fold. Over the years, I’ve developed this “exclusive club” mentality for people who are not yet members of my direct group then. If they’re not part of it, the chance of getting a referral from me is a guaranteed 0%. Nor will I actually teach what I’ve learned from being a network marketer so far. If they want referrals or an education, THEY MUST GET IN FIRST.

(Originally published at my official blog Feb. 28, 2015. To read the full article, click here.)