The present mind reaches at logic. Logic, ‘cause and effect explanations’ is relief for the brain. When it faces something, which is beyond logic, beyond liking, beyond its comfort zone, it rejects by giving expressions like anger, anxiety, stress, fear, confusion, guilt, wonder, intense pleasure and so on. These expressions show that logic of the mind has failed.
These expressions give a touch of the non-linear, something beyond logic. When the impact of these expressions is not explained away, the brain is charged to see the Truth.

When your logic, your reasoning, your comfort zone, your conclusion is shattered, see what happens. It creates feeling of uneasiness in you. Now you try to escape this uneasiness, this pain by ideas, explanations, by complaining, blaming, feeling guilty. Can you close the escape route? The whole energy is concentrated here. Action is relaxed and conscious. The touch of the Original may happen.

When you do not like or understand ‘what is happening’ or you face something bizarre-you coin theories to explain it away or adjust that you will know the answers in future through science or economics or tomorrow will be alright and so on. When you are stuck up and want to find the answers now, no explanation religious or scientific is able to assuage the pain of these questions.
Suddenly, you realize that there is no one to answer. You are Alone. From whom you are seeking answers?

Now you will touch the original pain, the original resistance, the original energy on which Life is sustained.
The need for answers suddenly drops; you become one with Life as it is.
You touch the unending stream of Life.
The mystery of existence starts unfolding.