Long we have known stories about different brands across different niches and their direct or indirect impact on the lives and psychology of people. These brands thrive mainly because they provide value to people and are created with the aim to fulfil a need, something that can fill in the gap and do the unusual in their market industry. More and more beauty brands have been on the rise for the very reason that more than only making people beautiful through their products, they also make sure to impact their lives, emotionally, mentally, psychologically and most importantly, positively to help them become their better versions and take on the world as a confident individual. The Viral Beauty shop is one such growing e-commerce beauty brand that has been incepted with a very genuine intention to solve common beauty and skin problems through their one of a kind skincare products and tools.

It is imperative to understand the intersection of mental health and beauty. They say that one’s appearance is a potential psychological signifier of mental wellbeing. Especially from the past few years, there has been a rise in brands that try to make a convergence of beauty and wellness, and several influencers and beauty brands have also tried in normalizing the same. Experts say that giving proper attention to one’s physical and psychological wellness is what self-care is.

• Discussions on mental health by beauty brands: The Viral Beauty shop is a highly-rated brand that kind of started more discussions on mental health through their e-commerce platform. As customers came to know about their support for causes like mental health and wellbeing, more and more people started to hold discussions around it, with the genuine intention to help the sufferers and make their contributions through the brand. Many other beauty brands have come forward to do the same and spread more awareness about it.
• Partnership with mental health organizations: Since beauty can play a huge role in affecting one’s mental wellbeing, various beauty brands have started to partner with NGOs and mental health organizations to show support to people who suffer from mental health issues. The Viral Beauty shop did the same, where they give back a portion to mental health charities and NGOs committed to mental wellbeing.

Millions of people suffer from mental health issues, and it is imperative for brands to understand that these topics must not be taken lightly. Indeed, skincare companies and brands like The Viral Beauty shop are much more than only brands; they show support to the right causes to support communities and culture they believe in.

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