With iOS 12, Apple has now managed to come up with software that enables people to realize how much time they spend on their iDevices. The software comes with a task manager app that keeps a summary of all the activities that have been done in the past week for each app. Parents for example may find this development useful to monitor how their children are using their iPhones. As an adult, one may make an informed decision to limit the time he/she spends on the iPhone to do other necessary things. Apple has another development in this case and it is the App Limit. This feature uses timings given to limit the time one uses an app. For good parenting, App Limit comes in handy.  As a set, the Screen Time app provides the statistics and the statistics are used to determine the suitable timings to set to control app usage.

There are Apple loyal customers that need iDevices that work with high speed

If you are one of these persons, get an iPhone that is upgraded to iOS 12. In the development of this software, Apple focused more on the performance speed. If iOS 12 is used in iPhone 6S, its apps will be launched in with, a faster speed that is 40% more than it was with the older operating system. Another change on the same iPhone is that the keyboard types at a faster speed of 50% more than it had been with the older system. A significant change of speed is also realized when taking a photo the new speed is 70% faster than the speed iOS 11 uses.

For those that need to communicate better in text messages, iOS 12 comes with Animoji

Apple has some Animoji that people who texts can use them to improve their gestures when they are communicating. When you select an Animoji such as tiger, you can make it smile and this helps the message recipient to feel more comfortable to read your text. In the messages, you can use these features to express yourself more, which was difficult with plain texts.

For those after working smarter

iOS 12 also has something for this population. Check out Siri for example, it is a feature that can read any digital content for you, can use your voice to respond to you, is teachable, and much more.

These are just few features to attract different people with varying taste, preferences, and demands. If your iPhone is able to, upgrade it to iOS 12 and you will get more features that you will enjoy to use.