Recently, Gian Saunders and Brett Pipkin were conversing about their greatest accomplishments thus far in their lives. While they both have many accolades from their years in the finance industry, the couple reached an agreement on the fact that perhaps their most impressive feat has been their ability to work together for so many years, both in their professional relationship and personal relationship.

“We are literally building our empire together,” Saunders happily states. Saunders and Pipkin operate a financial firm in San Diego together and are also soon to be married. For the couple, growing together has kept them healthy and now they are looking to share ways to help their clients maintain healthy relationships in their lives. “We preach having a healthy money relationship,” Saunders says. “Most people don’t even have a relationship with their money, let alone a healthy one.”

For many families, Saunders reveals, it is impossible to break poor money habits because of the lack of education in financial literacy. Without a healthy relationship with money, individuals and families are unable to break out of habits that are detrimental to their health, both physically and mentally. “Our goal is to not go fishing and feed a couple hundred,” Saunders remarks. “Our goal is to teach a couple hundred people to fish.”

By educating clients on the importance of healthy money relationships, those clients are able to become leaders themselves and spread their financial knowledge in an attempt to create generational wealth. With each person Saunders and Pipkin are able to guide another family is becoming healthier both in their relationship with money and as a family unit.

And who better to take relationship advice from then fiancées who are able to make their relationship flourish while operating a successful business side-by-side. “We respect each other’s space,” Saunders reveals, “and we’re always learning from each other, and pushing each other to be better so that we can be better for our communities, our family, and our business.” Melding their visions into one, the couple is focused on giving back in any capacity they are able in order to build stronger and healthier communities.

“You know they say,” Saunders remarks giddily, “two people in love, aimed at the same goal, are unstoppable.” To learn more about the hard-working and ambitious lives of Gian “The Fierce Female Financier” Saunders and “Money Doctor” Brett Pipkin, follow them on Instagram – @fierce_female_financier and @pipkinbrett