Success and a stress-free life is what everyone want in their short life on earth. Yet, not very many jobs actually give that type of opportunity but there is one type of person that can have that stress-free life: Entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are born, not made and I have been saying this to my followers and readers for a while now. Yes, the traits can be learned and adapted overtime but that core belief of rejecting the 9-5 lifestyle is something that you are born with because it is hard to do. 

As my followers and readers know, I try to make an impact on this world through my writing. A lot of people need that boost in motivation to help them step out of the darkness of a 9–5 job and actually make a name for themselves. People always grind to get to that stress-free life and entrepreneurs help reach this lifestyle. So, as most people know, I am on a journey, across the country, to meet with these budding entrepreneurs and share their story in the hope of inspiring others to get off of the beaten path that is the 9–5 job. While I was in California on a business trip, I happened to hear about a guy named Jake Weinberg, also known as @qsi on Instagram. People were telling me that he is an icon in the social media and ecommerce space, so I knew I had to meet up with him to get his life advice. Everyone meet the budding entrepreneur who is making waves in the social media and ecommerce industry: @qsi.

@qsi started as the traditional kid that did not have any passions. He had no vision, no goal in life yet he knew that he wanted something bigger than what all of his friends were doing. He tried different things, failed, then landed on business ideas that would make him a legend for his age.

The man is a mystery, a legend that people whisper about in the shadows of the internet. @qsi started in the Instagram game when he was only 13 years old, built a network of over 10 million followers, and has worked with some of the biggest clients that you can work with. He has been featured on countless of articles, podcasts, and even gave speeches at big conferences too. He has inspired the minds of millions and used that inspiration to mentor countless others.