The foreign exchange market or exchange rate market is a global and decentralized market in which currencies are traded and that was born with the objective of facilitating coverage of the monetary flow that derives from international trade.

Also known as Foreign Exchange or FX, the currency is a fundamentally unorganized market, which is called ‘ Over The Counter ‘  (OTC) in English. Today it is the largest financial market in the world with an average daily volume negotiated around 5 billion dollars and with an important and growing “electrification”.

Unlike the stock exchanges, which are organized markets with clearing or ‘clearing house’, the Forex market is a free market is not regulated or private nature in which there are nobody clearing and settlement intermediating between the parties and guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations agreed by them. Each operation is closed between a particular contract between the parties.

How engineer bring Forex to new level

A man named Shoaib Ghauri is qualified Engineer having seven experience in Forex. As an engineer Shoaib find the solutions of problem in trading. He took the huge issue in Forex of 90% traders fail and tries to find a solution to it.

Shoaib Ghauri is the CEO of Come Learn Forex has discovered efficiency based trading by using his experienced based engineering to solve the huge problems that traders have and find a easy solution in Forex that would allow retail traders to exploit consistently and accurately instead of blindly throwing themselves in deep water, without proper prior knowledge.

To get the solution by Shoaib Ghauri in Forex, we can differentiate between the currency market itself and the ticket market; the first refers to the market between financial-entities or between financial-entities and companies or institutions while the second refers to the change of physical bills that are made in banks or exchange houses, to fundamentally satisfy the needs of those people who travel to a country whose official currency is different from the domestic currency used in their country of origin (domestic currency is exchanged for foreign currency).

The main functions of the currency market or exchange rates are the following:

  • Set the prices of some currencies with respect to others (currency pairs), that is, define the number of units to be delivered from one currency in exchange for a unit of another currency.
  • Allow the realization of exchange rate risk hedges, for example, when foreign currency investments are made.
  • Promote the exchange of funds between different countries; we find countries with surplus liquidity and countries that need such liquidity.
  • Finance international trade, whose operations represent a very significant part of the foreign exchange market.

The aim of Shoaib is to develop Come Learn Forex into one of the biggest educational providers, by creating a whole new ‘breed’ of Forex traders, referred to as ‘Accuracy Based Traders’. For his most successful students, he also provides the opportunity to trade for his proprietary fund – CLF Capital.