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When crowdfunding emerged and became a known quantity, it wasn’t just entrepreneurs looking for start-up capital who recognized the tremendous possibilities of this form of FinTech (financial technology). Charity groups quickly became eager to use crowdfunding to raise cash.

As crowdfunding platforms proliferated, however, it soon became clear that not all are created equal. Not all are well-suited for charities. To make things easier and save you some time, we’re going to list what we think are the four best crowdfunding platforms for charities.


It’s probably the best known. This platform has raised more money than any other with $9 billion and counting. GoFundMe officials advise that you contact the charity you plan to fundraise for before you set up a site for them. The charity must have the federal nonprofit 501(C)(3) designation. It must also be registered with the PayPal Giving Fund database.

The wonderful thing about GoFundMe is that it does not charge a fee to charity groups. It’s 5% for everyone else. That’s why it’s important that you go take the proper steps to verify you are working for a legitimate nonprofit.


This platform was originally called Razoo. Launched in 2006, it rebranded as Mightycause in 2018. When it did so, it became totally focused on nonprofit and charity groups. That makes this an excellent choice for charity fundraising. Furthermore, it concentrates on servicing small to mid-sized charities.


If you are Canadian, this platform is a top choice. It has a 10-year track record and has helped charities raise $175 million (USD). It’s not exclusive to charities. You can also conduct personal and business crowdfunding campaigns here. This platform features an extremely helpful support page that will guide you through the process. It makes sure you to get the best experience out of your charitable fundraising effort.


This crowdfunding platform is oriented toward fundraising for nonprofit art projects. It’s true that Indiegogo serves primarily personal and business-oriented users, but it’s an effective choice for nonprofits and charities of all kinds. If you are looking for funding for the arts, the advantage of this site is that you’re likely to find the right demographic because it is frequented by people involved in the art world.

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