It seems everybody lives stressful, difficult lives these days. And we all try to get this under control. Working out, lifting weights, running, yoga, meditation, working on being mindful… These are all activities we use in order to minimize our stress levels and relax. However, it seems we all tend to neglect one very vital, an important way we can truly soothe our souls – getting a pet.

Let’s get this out of the way – pets are a huge responsibility, and adopting one should be followed by first actually thinking things through. But the fact remains that our pets can support us in our darkest moments, they can help us calm down, relax, and in general improve our wellbeing. 

Regulate blood pressure

This may sound a bit out there, but there is very valid scientific evidence backing up this claim. Namely, you can often find spikes in blood pressure that are caused by stress and tension. Since the love and affection you get from pets helps soothe and relax you, they inadvertently and indirectly lower your heart rate. In fact, a special report by Harvard Medical School shows that owning a dog can help your heart and lessen the ill effects stress has on your body.

Do wonders for your mood

Imagine you had a long day at work – your boss is forcing you to stay late, your project isn’t panning out, and that guy in the office is not pulling his weight. So you come home, and the first thing you see is a pair of adorable puppy eyes staring right at you. Or maybe you get to hold and nuzzle a warm, furry cat. How do you feel now? 

Evidence has shown, anecdotal and otherwise, that having a pet does wonders for your mood. You can recover from a bad day easily and quickly. Namely, you will feel a rush of serotonin flood your body when you embrace a pet that you love. The mood-enhancing benefits of a pet are vital.

Help you become more active

Are you one of those people who find it hard to find the motivation to work out, to get some physical exercise done? Well, once you get a pet, you won’t have much choice. Namely, you will get more motivation to move about because if you get a dog, for example, you need to take it out for regular walks. In general having an energetic, joy-filled animal will force you to basically keep up. 

Namely, dog owners spend much more time walking and running compared to people who don’t own any pets. They have a reason to go on walks, after all. And of course, since exercise relieves stress, we have another way in which dogs help you manage your anxiety and nerves.

Teaches you responsibility

Sometimes taking care of someone or something else can help us forget about our own troubles. Furthermore, learning how to be responsible and sticking to a schedule that helps our pets can transfer to other areas of our lives. If you, for example, don’t have a strong reason to stick to a schedule, owning a dog will force you to do just that.

We understand that this can be a serious, daunting responsibility. However, talking to veterinarian and dog breeders, reading up on educational material, books, good website like Totally Goldens, or just generally speaking to other experienced dog owners can regulate some of the anxiety you might feel.  

Constant companionship

Pets will always be there with you. They will provide you with love and companionship, they keep all your secrets, and they are the best listeners. Furthermore, they are fine with (un)comfortable silence, all they want is for you to snuggle them. Pets rarely have bad days, they don’t have problems with work, and they will give you unconditional love. 

In fact, a pet can be the ultimate remedy for loneliness. A pet can reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation that most people feel, and will also give you a sense of responsibility. After all, you do have to take care of a living thing, you need to feed it, take it to the vet, etc. 

Help you meet people

The most difficult part of meeting new people is usually at the beginning. Finding the right icebreaker can sometimes feel like an almost impossible task. Introverts especially feel like the early parts of social interaction and actually starting a conversation are very difficult. Well, pets are great to get you out of your shell

Namely, when you’re walking your dog down the street, there is a big chance that people will stop, pet your dog, and maybe even strike up a conversation. This is especially true when you’re in the park. Local joggers, people on picnics, or other pet owners will most likely strike up a conversation right there and then. When you’re a dog owner, you become part of a little community, a group of people that revolves around the love dedicated to our furry friends.


Stress and loneliness are the diseases of the modern age. We work long hours, are isolated from each other, stuck in front of screens, glued to chairs and desks. But, a furry companion is just the thing we need to help us break out of our grey shells. A pet can help you meet new people and expand your social circle. They regulate our blood pressure, help control our heart rate, and just improve our moods in general.