The Future of Female Entrepreneurship: Why Women Are Getting More Involved

The number of women in the world of business is on the rise. The changes in the work office are happening but they are slow and women still have a long way to go before they are treated equally in any corporate culture. Women CEOs struggle with providing funding, being taken seriously in a predominantly male-oriented business world, building a network of advisers and mentors and not to mention juggling their professional and private lives. However, a question that arises is – what is bringing about this increase in involvement? Here are a few reasons why the number of female entrepreneurs is expanding.

Increasing their flexibility

Times have indeed changed in certain aspects but women remain, for the most part, primary caretakers of children and elderly parents. In a way, modern women have two jobs most of their lives and must make time for every segment. For some, work is a tool to earn money, for others career is an essential part of their lives but handling both work and tending for others is often inevitable for most women. As for women entering the world of business, surveys have shown that around 74% of women value flexibility over making the most money. That shows that one of the motivators for women becoming business owners is so they can create their own schedule which will consequently allow them to earn a living and be committed to their other roles.

The Future of Female Entrepreneurship: Why Women Are Getting More Involved

Prompting profit equality

It is no secret that, in most business environments, men earn more than women. The situation has changed for the better but researches show that there is a 20% gap in the earnings between female and male employees to the advantage of the latter. Since the process to achieve equality is long and slow, women have decided to do something about it by becoming their own bosses. The road to success is not easy, regardless of the sex, however, if the motivation is strong, one can achieve anything. Naturally, before kick-starting a small business, the future owner needs to get informed about the market of interest, as well as all the legal and organizational requirements. One would need a detailed business plan as well as a group of reliable associates. So, to sum up, women also dive the business waters to earn more.

Advancing career-wise

Just as with the salary, the promotion ratio between men and women is out of balance. This depends on the profession but a woman’s path to promotion is a bit windier. Starting your own business gives you the opportunity to develop your skills and deepen your knowledge, benefits which women have recognized as worthy. Besides the mentioned business plan, a novice in the business world must also embrace technology since different apps can facilitate any segment of a retail job, from handling orders to shipping the purchase items. For instance, a few clicks on your smartphone, with the help of a reliable CartonCloud software, can reduce shipping and pick errors, optimize the delivery route, as well as provide an electronic proof of deliveries. This leaves more time to work for education, enriching customer experience, and life outside of work for a self-made boss.

The Future of Female Entrepreneurship: Why Women Are Getting More Involved

Influencing their future

Many people, women included, are afraid to start their own business because of a misconception that working for a company is a stable job. However, women have experienced being let go, transferred and being treaded unfairly so truth be said, nothing provides 100% security. This might sound frightening, but think of it in this way, if the future is uncertain, who will you rely on to provide you with guidance, other people or yourself? Being your own boss means that you are taking your future into your own hands and besides enjoying the fruits of your labor, you will shoulder responsibilities as well. This is why it is essential to have a trustworthy team around you as well as to consult with professionals from different fields so you can make informed decisions.

Accomplishing their dream

Somewhere between their work station, reports, and working overtime, women have lost the passion for corporate life. If a position stifles you and if there is no chance for a change in terms of field of operation or titles, the best medicine is to abandon it and remember what it was that inspired you and made you enterprising. If you dreamt about starting an online shop that sells hand-made jewelry or becoming a wedding photographer – pursue it! Even if the business experiences ups and downs, that is normal and what is important is for you to stay focused and resolute on your journey to success. Educated and talented women who are tired of her daily toil and wage inequality at every step has an obligation to herself to turn to whatever makes her happy and to follow that dream.

The Future of Female Entrepreneurship: Why Women Are Getting More Involved


If you are a woman contemplating starting her own business, the reasons why you decided to do so are your personal motivation, but in general, they don’t matter to the rest of the world. Your motivation is your own and you shouldn’t fear failure because others said it will be tough. Instead, embrace your dreams and talents and march in the business arena ready to fight for survival and success.