The Future of the Workplace - Steven Lewis Weiner

A decade ago, the workplace was merely that – an office location you had to commute to get work done. Fast forward several years, the workplace has evolved to accommodate a new generation of workers and a myriad of global events, including the recent viral outbreak. With such a dramatic change over a short amount of time, it begs the question: What does the workplace’s future look like?

New Generation of Professionals

The next generation of workers craves a dynamic work environment and opportunities for professional growth. They are more likely to demand flexibility and freedom in whatever job position they pursue. As a result, many Gen Z employees have flocked towards the tech industry, where six-figure salaries and remote work are commonplace. This highly ambitious and creative mindset has also yielded a steadily rising number of new businesses being built every year. More workers want to break free from their corporate roles and pursue their passions for a living.

AI and Automation

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, roughly 60% of jobs are expected to change by 2030 as more companies integrate automation and AI technologies into their business infrastructure. This unprecedented increase in automation further puts pressure on companies that are adamant about automating but have no choice but to survive and compete in their respective niche. The rise in business process automation and AI-driven systems will require future workforces to be retrained to command these tools proficiently.

Urban-to-Rural Migration of Workers

Since the tech boom, large cities have been the stronghold of many young professionals. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in real estate prices in San Francisco, New York, and other urban communities in the country. But with remote work becoming more than just a trend, real estate experts see a pattern emerge – people who are renting in these cities are moving to neighboring rural areas to enjoy the significantly lower cost of living.

Aside from these three future major workplace trends, environmental careers may also be a popular topic a couple of decades from now. As the climate crisis continues to plague the world, more sustainable energy and agriculture solutions will be needed.