Connection is an innate human need, we are social animals and are wired to connect.

Never before have we needed to ensure we are embracing what I call  “whole” connection. This means being deeply connected with ourselves and understanding who we are, and also being connected with those around us such as family, friends and colleagues especially when working and leading remotely.

connection matrix

Connection to ourselves is imperative to having deep and real connection with others.

As you can see we can sit in any of below quadrants in relation to our connection to self and others.

Where you sit depends on contributing factors such as; mindset, timing and commitment.

Take some time to read through the below and reflect on what it will take to ensure you are ILLUMINATED and SPARKLING.

Darkened: Disconnected with self

Many factors contribute to being disconnected with ourselves and these can include; lack of self-reflection, being time poor, low self-awareness and drawing on past references and experiences that may be holding us back.

Maybe you feel challenged working remotely and don’t want to progress forward. When this is the case you may revert to negative thoughts and therefore not be proactive in working from home. This can affect your mental and physical well-being and you may avoid connecting with the team and your peers and even those in your personal life.

As with any relationship, to build one with yourself can take time and you need to be patient, open and focused on building it. I believe this is one of the most important connections of all, to yourself.

Illuminated: Deep self-connection

When you are ‘illuminated’ you have a deep connection to yourself and high self-awareness. You are in touch with your capabilities, shortcomings and the opportunities that surround you. You know your strengths and what lights you up and you ensure you tap into this as much as possible.

People who have deep self-connection find it easy to spend time alone and therefore work alone. They find it empowering and it is a regular part of their routine and who they are. Self-compassion is high, and this simply means you are kind to yourself and can easily direct love to yourself.

Dimmed: Disconnected from others

Many times, if you are ‘dimmed’ and disconnected from others this will usually be linked to low self-connection. Invest in the time to ensure you have deep connection to yourself .

I’ve come across people who’ve been disconnected with others due to poor health, trauma and busy-ness and a lot going on in their lives. The cost of not connecting with others is huge as we are all wired to connect, both in and out of the workplace. When working remotely it is imperative you stay connected to those in the sphere of your work such as peers, your team, your manager and customers and suppliers.

We need deep connection around us for support, learning and growth. At work your network in and outside your industry is a mirror of your connection to yourself and others.

Sparkling: Connected with others

If you are ‘sparkling’ you are deeply connected with yourself and others. You come from a place of being in deep connection with people at work and usually in all areas of your life.

Our connection with others shape our values, our boundaries and even parts of our identity. If you are ‘Sparkling’ you will have deep and meaningful relationships, you will feel lit up and you will be aligned to your purpose and that of others. You will also spend time on self-growth and as your values and energy are aligned with others you will be open to challenge and grow with those around you.

Wherever you sit is only a temporary position and by acknowledging this you can apply a few of the tips below to ramp up connection to yourself and others.

Click the table above to download a pdf copy of these tips to keep.

As always I’d love to hear what is working for you.

Lead to be limitless…

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