The Great I Am

As the eyes stare back at me in the mirror I can’t help but wonder what’s really behind them. I know literally speaking my brain and all the other fabulous organs that make up me. But looking behind those eyes and deep into the unconscious mind I realize that I can control something… My thought process, my mindset, and my mind. I spent many years beating myself up in the mirror pointing out every imperfection to rolling my eyes at very statements I was embarrassed I made earlier that day. It got to the point I couldn’t face the woman looking back at me. That slippery slope of feelings takes over so fast and before you know it bad days turn to bad weeks which ends in bad months. In order to combat these feelings deep down one must start the rebuild process in those same depths of the soul. Affirmations are the best tool to pick yourself up by your bootstraps. Through words, conviction, and repetition you are able to rejuvenate your confidence and start showing up as the person you have always wanted to be. 

Affirmations put out into the world the desires of your heart while holding you accountable for showing up as that person. As you look into your eyes daily and state words that resonated with your soul, your soul has no choice but to respond. Our words turn into our actions, our behaviors, and our way of life. Imagine if you speak life into yourself with positive uplifting statements that get you ready to charge the day. What would your day look like? 

Affirmations are the great “I am” statements that project into your future who you want to be. When you daily tell yourself you are a boss, you start to show up as a boss, take the action to be called a boss, and deep down you start to feel like that boss. There may be a job you want or a baby you have always desires, affirm it in the mirror with your I am statements claiming it to be already yours. This time in the mirror, this time to yourself is a magnificent way to align the connection between mind, body, and soul. When those three are aligned you feel whole, content, and truly happy. Our mental state is directly related to our body and our soul. So when you mentally aren’t at your best those two areas of your life are effected as well. However, when you place yourself in a position to align the three daily, you will notice a shift, an elevated rise between the mind body and soul. 

Affirming the life you want, the person you want to be, and the desires of your heart, only takes 5 minutes everyday. Those 5 minutes could be life changing. Dedicate the time to yourself for those very powerful minutes are what start the day, end your day, or keep you going throughout the day. Give yourself the gift of affirmations and watch your life transform right before your very eyes. Need assistance in getting started? Please feel free to contact me, subscribe, like, or follow my social media pages and/or website/blog. I would love to help you take your life to the next level.