For years I fought everything, and more importantly, I fought myself. I have warrior energy and as you read those words, if you have warrior energy you are nodding your head. I typically never need to explain warrior energy to someone who carries that Soulful gene.

Warrior traits (both good and bad) are obvious to a fighter. The good: courage, grace, strength, determination, assertive, strategic, action-oriented, strong, loyal and compassionate, to name several. The bad can be summed up in one line: at war with everything and everyone.

When a warrior is in pattern, we believe that we need to “fight” in order for our destiny to be fulfilled or to receive what we desire. Surrender is not in our lexicon so we don’t know how to truly let go, and transformation doesn’t lead to transcendence.  When I release the pattern of “fight”, I receive the greatest gift of all – the full use of my power.

I personally had to recognize and clearly understand that surrender meant acceptance. When you are in total acceptance, you create a new energy and manifestation cycle – you have a clean slate and you know that you are unlimited. When you are in acceptance you understand and embody that your experience is not who you are but how you use your power.

To move into total acceptance, I started asking myself a series of profound questions:

  • What would happen if you stopped fighting and started accepting?
  • What decisions would you make differently if you didn’t feel or believe that your survival was in jeopardy?
  • What would happen to your life if the struggle was removed?

For individuals with warrior nature, I suggest this practice prior to making a decision or a choice.

  • Don’t Go Off Half Cocked — A conscious warrior doesn’t react without having as much information as possible. How can you make an accurate decision if you don’t know as much as you can about a situation?
  • Trust your gut — You have gathered all of the information and people are telling you to go one way, yet in your gut you know the best answer FOR YOU is to go the other way;  so – go the other way. Within you is an innate knowing of what is for your best and highest good, TRUST IT.
  • It’s Not Personal — When you understand that everyone is bringing their own story to each situation, how can you take things personally? When your feelings aren’t hurt, you are able to access a situation more clearly.

It’s up to you to choose to stand in your power and grace, and let go of the resistance. I suggest that you take one area of your life and stop the struggle. Let go and know that you are being supported. Let your faith and courage be your sword, as they are mine.