As my followers and readers know, I try to make an impact on this world through my writing. A lot of people need that boost in motivation to help them step out of the darkness of a 9–5 job and actually make a name for themselves. People always grind to get to that stress free life and entrepreneurs help reach this lifestyle. So, as most people know, I am on a journey, across the country, to meet with these budding entrepreneurs and share their story in the hope of inspiring others to get off of the beaten path that is the 9–5 job. While I was in California on a business trip, I happened to hear about a guy named Sebastian Griego. People were telling me that he is an icon in the social media and ecommerce space, so I knew I had to meet up with him to get his life advice. Everyone meet the budding entrepreneur who is making waves in the social media and ecommerce industry: Sebastián Duarte Griego.

Notice the absolute crazy amount of engagement that Sebastian can obtain for accounts. He knows what he is doing because he grinds and fights to be the best in ever industry that he enters into. While most people might think he was handed all of these skills and opportunities, Sebastian had to work for everything that he needed all by himself.

Sebastian grew up in the traditional family household with the traditional parents that worked the 9–5 life. Yet, as Sebastian was going through the process and was getting closer to having to work that 9–5 job consistently, he realized that his inner passion was entrepreneurship and making a name for himself. He believed that he wanted to create his own wealth versus working the 9–5 and creating wealth for someone else. Using this new vast knowledge, Sebastián started working with other agencies in California and helping to increase their portfolio. He also got into the ecommerce business, leveraging his audience to be able to have a successful career in that as a side hustle.

Sebastián’s approach to businesses is very interesting to me. He lets the numbers speak for himself as he loves to dive into the numbers. Some interesting statistics include the pictures added below. Look at the insane growth that he was able to do. That is something that has both companies and influencers alike lining up to try and get a sliver of what Sebastián can offer.