It’s nice to have that one person who will drop anything and do anything just because you need them. We’re all human beings, we’re here to help each other out, and bond together. If everyone focused on themselves, there would be no progress. Friendship isn’t about being best friends forever or sharing every little detail of your life with somebody else. it’s about having somebody who understands what you feel without saying a word sometimes and always having their back, says Georges Chahwan. A true friend is the one who remains loyal even when they have no mutual interest in your life anymore.

A real friend will stay up all night on skype with you or drive five hours just so they can help you move into a new place. Being really good friends with someone has nothing to do with how well you get along or how long you’ve known each other. it’s about respecting each other as people and knowing which boundaries not cross so that nobody gets hurt.

You can’t force someone to be friends with you if they have no mutual interest in being your friend back. The only thing you can do is show them respect and prove yourself as a valuable person to have around, adds Georges Chahwan. A true friendship is a rare treasure that should never be taken for granted or wasted on people who don’t appreciate it. I hope everyone finds those precious few friends who genuinely care about their well-being because those are the kind of people worth keeping around.