“A healthy attitude is as good as a precious ointment scent which never shed’s away from a garment regardless of how many times it has been in the laundry “Telvin Sydney”

 Positive people often lead healthy lives and they don’t dwell on the negative things which may de nourish their positives. They look beyond the negativity and focus on the positive side of things. If they don’t see the light right from
away, then they don’t lose hope and they know things will work out it’s just right a matter of time.
“We all have hopes and dreams in life. Sometimes, however, we get so down that we think we’ll never be able to achieve what we set out to do”. A positive mindset will uplift your action towards the strive.

When you’re a significant amount of time with people who think positively throughout, then you’ll know and notice they live a different lifestyle from negative thinking individuals.
How they talk, organize themselves even host you they’ll pull closer attention which is an attitude of positivity. 

For instance, a positive thinking person would be at a limit to engage in self-destructive behaviour. A positive minded person has the self-discipline to keep him or herself from harm because their desire is to succeed in their dreams.  

Positive people are always looking forward to the future. They are not going to compromise their success by getting drunk every time something goes terribly wrong. They are not going to allow themselves in a terrible fix, instead try hard get out of a mess peacefully. 

Did you know positive thinking is more than just a mental thing? It encompasses your whole being and affects the surrounding environment and the people around you as well. For instance, your characters depending on how we get brought up, for example, we grow up and develop character traits depending on the environment raised, that’s why we have different characters because we come from different doctrinal setups; like in culture and religious beliefs.
The health benefits of keeping a positive attitude.

  1. Better immunity against heart disease 

“The human heart is like a ship on a stormy sea driven about by winds blowing from all four corners of heaven”

Stress is a normal part in our lives, it is not necessarily good or bad and not a disease only that it’s reactions can vary enormously and some of the reactions are undesirable.
Anxiety is a most frequent undesirable reaction its degree is much more of a function of the individual than the degree of stress. A person who reacts with excessive anxiety every day has a personal rather than a medical problem. Some symptoms of anxiety are insomnia and inability to concentrate. With a positive thinking mindset, you can manage it by sharing with a friend, family and social life ignition.
However rich or poor you’ll always encounter things in life which are going to stress you up from time to time even the most positive of people. The negative thinkers, however, find it hard to move on from all the negativity.

Letting in stress, it will affect your mind and body. When you’re always anxious, your heart gets to work doubly hard.  

Adding more positivity into your life, you can ease the pressure on your heart, and you can help reduce the risk of suffering strokes and heart attacks! When you have good thoughts, you’re more motivated to eat healthy food and exercise more regularly. All these contribute to better immunity against heart disease! 

  1. Better resistance to depression 
    “No problem is more common, the future may seem to hold no promise”
    Depression may appear to be simple fatigue or a general feeling of ill health. Especially when there’s a sense of loss defeat, you just don’t feel good without knowing the reason.
    Depression is a serious condition. If left untreated, it can drive an individual to commit self-destructive behaviour. In some cases, depression leads to suicidal thoughts and yes, even suicide.  

People who feel depressed generally feel like they have no one else to turn to. Their minds are consumed with negativity, and it pervades their thoughts, emotions, behavior and overall physical health.  

Positive thinkers, on the other hand, are better equipped to resist depression. They are able to deal with problems in a more positive manner. Yes, they may feel down or even depressed for a bit, but their positive nature will always get them out of a rut. They’ll actively look for the light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak. They’re not going to stay in the dark tunnel, too afraid to move and too intimidated to ask for help or inner critics they get rid of it very fast.   

  1. Helps in anti-ageing delays[Rejuvenating effect]
    The effects of ageing When you are a positive thinker, you understand the importance of having a healthy body, and you do whatever it takes to make sure you stay healthy. You eat all the right kinds of food, you stay away from junk. You exercise regularly, but at the same time, you take great care not to hurt your body from too much exercise.  

A good balanced healthy diet and exercise, your skin will absolutely look healthy, too. Having healthy skin also makes you look younger which is ultimately great for your self-esteem both in Men and Women!  

It’s natural for older people to experience a significant decline in mobility and functioning ability. However, research has shown that negative thinking seniors aged 60 and above were more likely to have mobility and functional problems. This basically means that positive thinking seniors experience a delay in the effects of ageing! 

  1. Better coping skills when stressed out

Imagine a life without stress? Without any problems? No? I didn’t think so, too. Since time immemorial, humans have been suffering from different challenges and difficulties.

Even in this day and age where technology admittedly makes life easier than ever before, there’s still no getting away from the never-ending parade of headache-inducing problems.  

With that said, negative thinkers would be more prone to feeling sorry for themselves. With every challenge and every failure that comes their way, they’d be more likely to sink deeper into the hole they’ve dug for themselves. They’ll be hard-pressed to find a way out. 

Positive thinkers, on the other hand, are much better at coping with stress and other problems. They look for a solution to the problem and look at other ways they can approach a particular task so they can succeed. They always fight back intelligently. They won’t let the darkness and negativity take over their minds. 

  1. longevity enhancer
    “Old is gold”
    One day I went to conduct research in an interior community, it was my first encounter meeting an old professor aged 85years old.
    His language was of a young professor, even the physical appearance. He wanted to know my age, I kept quiet because maybe I thought by mentioning it could disqualify myself from conducting the interview.” He told me forgot about I know you’re in your early 20 years of age and a student pursuing studies in one the higher learning institutions in the city of Nairobi” Absolutely right he was. The short introduction part of our conversation was an amazing moment. I asked him his age and what’s making still strong and an intellectual Man.
    The positive thinking mentality in all the circumstances he had encountered in life, he had to admit and do away with his past and living a happy life.
    “We are not makers of history but made by history”

Positive people are some of the happiest people in the world. The world is far from being perfect, but they certainly know how to live their lives. Even in the face of crippling difficulty challenges, they don’t give up. Rather, they look for ways they can turn a negative and unhappy situation into a positive one. 

With positive thinking, you get better resistance and immunity against the common cold and even cardiovascular disease. You don’t let yourself get affected by too much stress. You know exactly how to take care of your body. You get rid of negative and self-destructive habits and pick up positive habits along the way. Ultimately, all these lead to an increased lifespan for positive thinking individuals! 
“If you want to become a better of yourself, you’re going to need to develop a lovely for yourself in enhancing growth in life, your positive thinking mindset, let it be the master key. If you already love yourself, then good”.