Why is F / ^ST F OOR Scouting for the world’s best Forex Traders and funding them at a “digital trading floor.”
Luka is doing things a bit different in the investment and digital space; what evoked my curiosity and took my attention the most is F / ^ ST F OOR actually gives their traders a fully funded account, that’s about $100,000 USD!

I asked Luka, What led or inspired him to trade and more importantly entrust people with their own account of capital?

He said he has been in the industry for more than 2 years – growing as a trader making all posible mistakes and became successful quite fast – He has been aproached by many funds and institiutions to trade their money.
He also has been mentoring dozens off people Which made him realize that there are
stagering number of quality traders on the market and they share a common problem: they lack management and most of all capital to be able to successfully abide to all the rules of trading
psychology in trading which is a big key and we operate by many subconscious programs from the past that are mostly stopping us in our tracks to become really successful – sabotaging us not helping us succeed. Being said, Luka found the help of his subconscious performance coach Kartika (hypnotherapist Bachelor Degree in psychology at the University of British Columbia with awards, placement on the Dean’s List and various other scholarships).
along side he was running his Elevate 32 mindset challenge throughout the year which really elevated his trading to another level.

After connecting the dots together He partnered up with a few hedge funds, a personal trainer and Kartika to create a first ever online trading floor for incubating professional or talented forex traders

When I asked Luka what the best part is about trading, he said “you need to grow as a person to grow as a trader – you need to learn to manage your emotions you need to be real with yourself, you need to eliminate fear of missing out fear of loss and overindulging in your wins and not to take your losses to your heart as its all just numbers.”

You grow as a person as you grow as a trader and vice-versa

Luka is now taking calls via his website here, book yours if you want to get funded next!

He can also be found on Instagram @ga.god