Effective advertising might move millions of people, but it’s usually because it’s written by one person and aimed only at another. The human touch separates intimate communication from advertising that might reach a broad audience yet still fall flat. There are many reasons why your organization should have a
The human element to it, and this is but one of them.

One of the biggest reasons you want to incorporate a human element into your business is that use it helps you develop individual relationships with your customers. No matter how many customers or clients you might have, they can feel things have been personalized enough that things are one-on-one between them and your business. When customers feel valued, they become very loyal to any business that treats them like that.

Another advantage of having a human element to your business is that your business becomes relatable. Even if being human means having flaws, your business will feel familiar and even comfortable to customers. When your business is actually relatable to them, their misconceptions regarding other businesses will no longer apply to yours.

Involving a human element in your business will also make you accessible to your clients. This might seem the same as relatable. They’re closely related, but they’re not the same. Accessibility means that they can reach out to you when they need you, be it their own needs or when something goes wrong.

Consistent voicing might be the most interesting benefit to a human element to your organization. Rather than having messaging all over the place, your business can identify what registers with your audience and deliver it clearly and consistently time and again.

Any human element you can add to your organization will matter in the long run. The 24/7 digital era means people get hit with messaging and company communication all the time. Radio and TV commercials, Internet ads, and even text messages all intrude into their lives all the time. Featuring any element of humanity in the midst of this never-ending technological barrage will make your company stand out.

Involve a human element with your business any way that you can, and make sure it’s a good and consistent one so that your organization gets the most impact.