With the past experiences I have had in my life, there were instances when I didn’t feel like trusting anyone anymore. But over the past one year of the corona pandemic, i have managed to find a couple of people who actually gives value to the bond that i keep with them.

The people whom I had just met for a day before the nation went into lockdown, the ones whom I’ve not even met and the ones to whom I was never able to reciprocate the same compassion that they showed me. These few humans turned out to be the only ones who had my back when i felt secluded and broken. They made me stand back up when I thought the world around me was shattering to pieces. They made me hold myself together even when I was too weak to utter a word of greeting or love to anybody close to me.
There were days, when I was too scared to wakeup because I knew what was waiting for me that day. But i found comfort in these people who would go to any lengths for me.
I used to find refuge in sleep to escape my pain. But now, I’m finding excuses not to sleep.
The words they whispered, even though it was hurtful, made me stand up to fight against the darkness that was starting to engulf me in it’s depth.
Terrific times like these made me realise I’m never alone. There are a numbered few that actually care about me, but whom I never cared to even think about.
I’m forever thankful to God for making me believe that there is still real love that exists in this world.