A family routine is one of the essential parts of the family structure. Children often learn the best when their routine is regular and consistent. 

 It’s crucial to establish a family routine that creates a comfort level that produces results. The last thing you want to do is bore your children with the rigidity of their schedule. Give them a little flexibility when it comes to the routine. There will be days you’ll be out late or have unexpected things during the day that do throw off the schedule. Be comfortable with flexibility, and prepare for the unknown.

 Weekday Mornings:

 Get everyone involved with cleaning things up from the previous night. Keep the environment cheerful and happy. It’s helpful to have everyone eat breakfast together. Get everyone’s lunches and clothing ready for the day, and try to be consistent with the timing. Give a hug and a wave if your child leaves without you. If not, get everyone in the car and try to start the day with a positive and encouraging environment.

 After School:

When your kids get home, have a snack ready for them. Let them play outside for a little bit if the weather is nice, or they can sit inside and enjoy some quiet time after school. Let the kids get started on homework so they can get it out of the way for the night. 


Everyone should eat together at the dinner table. Talk about your day as a family, turn off the television and put away the screens. Cultivate an open space for conversation. After dinner, everyone can enjoy a television show together or retire to their room for some alone time. 


It’s important for kids to have a set time to go to sleep. Lights out can be at whatever time you choose. You can take baths, read a book and get to bed. Try not to overstimulate right before bed. 


Weekends can be busy. It’s crucial to get in special family time when possible. Whether it’s just grocery shopping or going to fun events, get together if you can. If you’re religious, opportunities like attending church are great for family closeness. Parents should also set aside time just for themselves. Make weekends special and relax together.

Although maintaining a fun family routine can be difficult, it’s vital for a healthy family.