no compromise

What would you give up to be happy? How important is it to compromise your life – your health. Or would you prefer to be Uncompromising…..and be determined to achieve the life you want.

Being true to ourselves is just SO important, when we leave the passion that drives us behind and wander off into new uncharted and complicated fields we get lost, get sad, tired and lose our passion and enthusiasm.

My main drive in my field of work is helping people understand why they are feeling sick, sore and tired. But in the past I have compromised my ideals and have found myself listless and thinking things I hear others say often, like

  • “I’d better eat better, thats my problem”
  • “Maybe exercise is the answer, I haven’t done it for a while”
  • “I need more sleep because I’m always tired”
  • “I think I’ll change my job, this one isn’t making me happy”
  • “I wake up tired even after a good nights sleep and don’t want to get up in the morning”

What we forget is that these are not reasons, but symptoms.

Finding our true passion, true driving force, that unstoppable feeling of fun, enthusiasm, happiness is something to be nurtured- not in a molly coddling sort of way, but a — lets go and do something brand new, dangerous and fun — sort of way. Having the time and energy to always do more, waking up with ideas that you can’t wait to implement. Getting others on board because — seriously — how CRAZY would they be to not be interested in such a magnificent concept!!

This is NOT something to compromise! This is something some people NEVER find and if you have it…hold onto it real tight!

I have a question…is it a normal thing for people to complain about how they feel, how life’s not working out for them, how it’s just too hard now and used to easier before etc etc?

Is this a new phenomenon? or has it always been there as a human construct of “normality”. Maybe this is where religion came from, from the need for people to be guided and given rules to stick by and believe in someone — not themselves — for answers.

Who amongst you is ready to look at why you are feeling uneasy .

Who out there can answer me why this concept of looking at yourself as the answer to your problems makes you feel uncomfortable.

What are you doing towards having a happy life doing the things that really matter to you, not your kids, or your spouse, or your parents…but to YOU?

What risks are you willing to take? It doesn’t have to be huge, just a small step is all thats needed to get you started.

Be Persistent. Be Stubborn. Be Endlessly Determined and Be Unshakeable in Your Continuing Journey to becoming the person you plan on Becoming, living in the place you are planning on living and having the abundance of Health You are Planning on Owning

I have a friend who right now is dying of cancer, she only has a few days to live.

I spoke to her a month ago and asked her what she would do differently and out came all this vitriol from my normally sweet natured and sharing best friend .

And then she said “You know, I have never taken a risk in my life, I have always just tried to please others and do what I thought was right and what they needed” she said “but now, now that I realise whats been going on and that I haven’t been happy for way too long I don’t know if I have the strength to take the baby step needed to get myself out of this situation. I think it might be easier to give up.”

She is now fighting for her life unable to accept the inevitability of death, which is a good thing BUT starting her risk taking and self development on -whilst ravaged by soul and body destroying pain is probably not the best or easiest time to do it.

Best to start small or at least start while you are in reasonable health.

Find your passion, hold it, nurture it, live it and be it. It will never let you down.

Be the most uncompromising woman – ever.. You know in your heart that you can achieve whatever you want – and if you don’t believe it CONTACT ME and we can chat about it!