Children of all ages do just about everything they do for adult attention and feedback. Children are constantly learning, responding to their environment, and interacting with different mediums, which is why they want the adults they trust to tell them yes, no, good, or bad.

There is nothing more innocent than a child running up to you to show you something they made, by hand, all on their own. They want to know that it’s a good thing they did something independently, and that you are proud of them for taking the initiative. By praising the process, they will feel the confidence they need to go do other things on their own without necessarily having to ask if that’s acceptable. It will encourage their creativity, innovation, and ideation. Naturally, they will become the adult you want them to be.

Children are not as emotionally developed as adults, obviously. They don’t know how to compartmentalize their feelings or hide them. Since they are learning how to navigate emotions and feelings, they are doing their best to figure out what works for them. That’s why play therapy has become so important today. Playing is a very important way to children to express thoughts, sadness, depression, anger, and any other difficult emotion. By physically working it out and expressing themselves, they will be able to more easily navigate their emotions as they age.

The Foundation of Confidence

That’s where art comes into the picture. Many play therapists have children play with blocks, markers, and paints in their office, allowing them to explore kinetic energy and textures. While children are creating art, they are pouring their heart and soul into the finished product as a very natural way to express themselves. That’s why kid’s art is so important.

No one understands this better than the Drawnies brand. Based on the premise that it’s not only important to showcase and protect children’s art, but to also show it off and tell your child you are proud of them, Drawnies has created a way to immortalize kid’s drawings and products forever.

How have they done it? By turning the works of art into physical jewelry products. That’s right, you can take your kid’s painting and make it a necklace or key ring that you can bring with you everywhere you go. Now you can show off their art while they watch, communicating to them just how proud you are of them and all that they have done.

“Kids watch our every move, and they watch what we do way more than what we say,” said the founder of Drawnies. “That’s why a physical product is so powerful to a child. They can see you wear their art everywhere you go, and it will reaffirm their self-confidence and self-esteem tenfold. It’s amazing what we are doing for families around the world.”