Teen Community Service Alexander Neumeister

In today’s culture, it’s easy to become self-absorbed and not care about the struggles of others that are less fortunate, especially when you’re young. As parents, we should be accountable for instilling values in our children that will help them grow up into responsible adults. After all, many of today’s teenagers will be leaders in the future. If you want your teenager to grow up with strong values and a higher sense of purpose, community service might be the key.

A Sense of Gratitude

When teenagers get involved with community service projects, it gives them a chance to reflect on how good they have it. They will develop a sense of compassion for people less fortunate than themselves, and this can turn into a passion for many. There is also a sense of satisfaction that comes with the realization that you have truly been of service to others. They will begin to associate this feeling of joy with being of service to others, and this influence can last a lifetime.

Selecting Service Opportunities

Your teenager will appreciate their time of community service if the type of service is geared towards their particular interests or concerns. Each child is different and has their own unique abilities and talents that they can use to be of service to others. Your teenager can volunteer their time on multiple levels. There might be charitable campaigns that have been organized by their schools, for instance. Or they could volunteer to help people devastated by natural disasters that are so common these days. Whatever you choose, make sure they have the time and resources to meet their commitments.

Sense of Responsibility

Children that have been involved with community service will grow up feeling empowered as a result. The interactions they have with the needy, as well as the organizers of any given charity or cause, will strengthen their communication skills and give them added confidence. You will also find that they become more dependable. When you have been trusted with caring for others, you become even more responsible for yourself. Children who volunteer regularly have been shown to have higher grades and generally perform better at school. They will also have more to put on their resumes when applying for college or scholarships.

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