Every child deserves an education. It really is that simple. Only, it’s easier to say than it is to make it happen. Education teaches children and adults all about the world around them, from tiny details to immense facts. 

Through education, people can rise and change their paths in life. That is one of the many reasons why education is so critical for underprivileged children in particular – it could be life-changing for them.

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) defines a solid foundation for education as starting early, having great teachers, is equal for all, is based on data, and supported by robust systems.

Lack of Education

According to Humanium, a lack of education causes several different deficits later in life. It increases the risk of poverty and financial problems (which in turn affects their countries). In most parts of the world, where education is not a given, poverty is a high risk. In turn, this lack of education prevents children from having the best chance in life, and they end in marginalized like their parents and those that came before them.

Understanding Their Rights

One of the basics ways in which education can alter lives is the understanding of fundamental human rights. Once a person has attained a certain level of education, they understand their rights – and thus are less likely to be taken advantage of.

This is why it is essential to educate children as young as possible, regardless of race, gender, caste, or religion. What they can learn can very likely change their lives for the better.

Employment Opportunities

Children who have a solid education turn into adults with better employment opportunities. Additionally, they have a better grasp of finances in general, which can help to prevent a further slip into poverty.

More than that, it gives a person the opportunity to take control of their lives. They see the world around them in new eyes, which in turn can create new opportunities. These opportunities can quickly turn into success, which then improves the quality of life.

New Experiences

Reading is simultaneously one of the simplest and most fundamental ways to learn. Through reading, children can gain all sorts of knowledge and new experiences. It can teach empathy, create hope, and generate a more comprehensive understanding of the world.

Article originally published on WayneEmersonGregoryJr.org