Many people walk around every day with no understanding of why they are here. If this is you, your days may seem pretty dim. You are likely unsure of what choices to make, which paths to take, and how to spend your time. This often leads to self-esteem issues, wasted time, and more mistakes than necessary.

However, when you are blessed enough to find your life’s purpose, things seem to get a little brighter. While there are many benefits to knowing your purpose, the following are some of the most important.


One of the hardest things in life is not knowing in which direction to move. Understanding your purpose gives you much more clarity, helping you to live with intention and prioritize what is important in life.


Knowing your purpose helps to remind you that you are worth the life you live. You know you are here for a reason, which helps you feel much better about yourself.


Finding your purpose in life can work wonders when it comes to goals. For one thing, it helps you to set the right goals, which are those that help you fulfill your purpose. Also, knowing your purpose gives you the motivation you need to reach those goals, even on the darkest of days.


Believe it or not, understanding your purpose can actually affect how long you live. The psychological and emotional impact of living with purpose can help to combat sickness, disease, and more. 

Additionally, when one lives with purpose, the later years are more satisfying. They can look back on a life well-lived as opposed to being tormented with regrets.

How to Find Your Purpose

There is no secret formula for discovering your life’s purpose, but Jim Feldkamp has a few tips to help.

  • Understand that you are on a journey. You will probably not discover your entire life’s purpose in a two-minute self-reflection. Instead, it will happen on a path to self-discovery.
  • Read books by different authors. Fiction, non-fiction, biographies- they can all teach us something. By reading stories and thoughts from different people, you can discover things that you relate to. Take note of anything that pops into your head as it may be a piece of the puzzle.
  • Spend time with others. Just like with reading, speaking to different types of people can give you new thoughts and perspectives. It can speak to you on a deeply-internal level that helps you discover something about yourself.
  • Talk to loved ones. People who know you can often tell you things about yourself that you never noticed. 
  • Volunteer at charities. Many people find their purpose by helping others in need. Whether it’s a homeless shelter, a domestic violence center, or your local youth club, you can make a difference and learn more about yourself.

No matter how long it takes, finding your purpose is essential to a happy and healthy life.