It is no secret that the American people have the most generous spirit of any people in any country across the globe. Indeed there are different ways of making contributions and giving philanthropy. For whatever reason, our culture has specifically chosen to highlight those who give financial contributions to causes and interests they care deeply about.

Although giving financially is absolutely commendable and an act that’s value ought not be belittled in any way whatsoever, it’s also not the only way one can contribute. Especially during these economically depressed times that the Coronavirus health pandemic has wrought upon us, it’s important that we not limit the idea of giving of oneself only to those that can afford to financially.

Instead, let’s be clear about the expanded definition of giving that is in no way less effective or commendable than giving monetarily. Giving of one’s time is a great example of a way Americans can contribute to those less fortunate during these difficult times, without sparing themselves a penny from their bank accounts.

Volunteering at a soup kitchen or a food pantry are just two of many examples of ways one can give of one’s time and make a meaningful impact and difference in the process. Then of course there are those that may have unique skills or talents that can be very worthy of sharing. Perhaps one is a teacher or has other skills they’ve developed while working in academic settings. This can be a real value in sharing with others.

Overall, there are many ways through which one can surely make a difference in helping his or her neighbors during these challenging and perilous times. There is no doubting the value in giving of one’s time in a voluntary capacity or giving one’s talents in a way that creates a meaningful difference and impact. During these difficult times, it’s incumbent upon all of us to do our best to help one another.